Purshottam Maas and Puja for Jupiter Transit in 2017-2018

Purshottam Maas and Puja for Jupiter Transit in 2017-2018

Purshottam Maas 2018

16th of May 2018 to 13th of june 2018

The lunar calendar has been known to include an extra month on the gap of each and every three years. This extra month has been known to be Purushottam maas which lasts for one month which falls between June and July. Some other names of this month include Khar maas and Mal maas. This thirteenth month of the lunar calendar is not assigned to any specific God due to which no auspicious rituals are performed.

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It is said that Purshottam maas grieved and offered prayer to Lord Vishnu sincerely. He was blessed and got his name duly uplifted. From that day onwards, people who perform Daan, Vrat, Puja and other penance in this auspicious month, gets rid of all types of sins easily. Also, the path of Holy Scriptures likes Shreemad Bhagvat Puran Mool Path, Shrimad Bhagvad Gita Parayan, 15th Chapter of Shrimad Bhagvat Gita known by the name of Purushottam Yog, Vishnu Sahastranaam Path, Sri Ram Charitmanas Parayan must be chanted with due devotion and sincerity.

As per the advice of experts, it is said that chanting of these Sanskrit lessons in a proper manner has been known to bestow purity of body and mind. It also enhances the level of awareness. Some additional benefits include:

  • Freedom from high level of stress
  • Bringing out the knowledge of reality
  • Equivalent to go to pilgrimage
  • Bringing awareness and calming sense to the mind
  • Assists in abolishing of all committed mistakes
  • Clear step towards a successful and harmonious path
  • Seeking due blessings from Lord Vishnu

Puja for Jupiter Transit 2017

Jupiter, also known by the name of Brihaspati takes approximately 12 years in order to complete the journey round the earth. Recent studies have revealed the fact that the transit of Jupiter has commenced from 12 Sep 2017 and will remain in the places of Guru to Libra till 31st March 2017.

This transit is considered to be highly important as some of the major events require support of Jupiter. Due to its high strength, Jupiter is considered to be an auspicious planet. It highly contributes in achieving success in some of the major sectors of life including marriage, birth of newbie, job changing, purchasing new property, success in education and job, travel abroad etc.

It is the significance for wisdom, knowledge, finance, wealth, growth, prosperity, gains, opportunities, expansion, religion, astrology, law, teachers, priests, treasurers and many more. As per the native chart, this coincides with some opportunities regarding growth and expansions while the transition of Jupiter along with influence in the luck area.

It is better to perform Guru Gochar Puja on this auspicious day for enhancing the power of Jupiter to reduce tribulations caused by malefic Jupiter.  The chanting of Vedic mantras is also important in this whole process. It must be noted that each and every sound holds some impact on the brain due to which mantras were created. The mantras chanted during the puja come under the process of making the sankalpa manifest. The Puja rituals can be easily learnt from the expert advice available in the Internet as well.

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