Accuracy is pivotal quality of Vedic astrology

Contemporary era has witnessed technology taking leaps and science nourishing multi fold. In this fast paced development, many people have become conversant with the idea of practicality. However, it’s easier to practise this line in writing than in belief. As, today there are people who blindfolded trust astrology.

What is Astrological credence?

It’s a scientific methodology which can predict the future of signs or rashi as we may call them. It is also known as Jyotishi (Science of light) because it is a science of taking note of celestial bodies and its effect on human and earth. This is done mainly by reading the movement of starts, sun and moon in the orbit. Various Pandits and skilled people have the god’s grace to read this prediction. They are known as astrologers.

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Types of Astrology

There are basically two types of astrology:

  1. Western Astrology or contemporary astrology

What is Western Jyotishi?

It was instituted by the Babylonians and Greeks and it is about 3000 years old. Their trust was that, the study of relation between the sun and earth is highly essential because the Sun is the centre of Solar system. This system makes use of Tropical Zodiac which is read in relation between sun and earth’s tropics.

  1. Vedic Astrology

What is Vedic Astrology?

As the name elucidates, this method has been in practise for thousands of year. The writing of this astrology can be found in ancient spiritual text books called Vedas.

How does it work?

However, Vedic astrology works on an entirely different way. They rubbish the idea of reading the relationship between the earth and the sun. This is because of precession of Equinoxes. In lay man’s language, after every 72 years we lose one entire day in earth’s revolution. Hence, this would shift the zodiac signs backward by a day in order to become astronomically true.

It makes use of Stellar Zodiac. Another name is Sidereal Zodiac which denotes pertaining to stars. This means that the astrologer reads the fixed stars of the constellation to predict the future.

Today there are various online platforms, where highly skilled astrologers offer free Vedic astrology reading. Understanding the importance of astrology in day to day life, these astrologers proffer the customers with free readings to garner their trust. Further to which they might ask for subscription in order to give remedies.

Another aspect of traditional astrology

There is another belief which people carry out in order to streamline their life and prevent any mishaps. That is Vedic Birth chart.

This is a process which depicts the position and influence of the moon, the sun and other planets at the birth time of a person. To list out accurate Rashi predictions, the believer has to proffer the guru with the two things:

  • Exact time when the believer was born ( this includes seconds)
  • The place where he/she was born

There are various online daises which proffers a birth calculator. This aids you to get an entire birth chart. All you need to do is enter your correct date of birth, time and place.

Astrological belief is a prediction which is given to people for their betterment. The astrologers also proffer the believers with remedies and ways to get over their bad times. People should follow it with full trust and believe in god.

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Jun, 15 2015 05:52 pm