Acquire your astrological prognosis for 2016

Gemini Horoscope for the year 2016

This year is the year to complete all your pending tasks and get started with new ones. Don’t hesitate in taking aid of your colleagues or subordinates for they will make you achieve your goals faster. This year will serve to be favourable and bring in some good times or pleasant memories.

Love Life

Turbulent clouds will hover over your love life and create confusions. Hence you need to be cautious and sensitive towards people you love. Gemini yearly Horoscope 2016 will bring in weak relationships that might break off and drift you towards new relationship.

For married couple, intimacy is on charts and emotional bondage is also predicted. October is a good time for woman who wishes to get pregnant.

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Horoscope 2016 says that, this year the ball of investment is in your court. You can start a new venture or plan an investment. This step would lead your business to new heights.

People who are in salaried job should focus on building new contacts

For students who put in effort, this year will bring in good results. Good news shall ring your door bell for students who are appearing in competitive exams.


For Gemini’s this year will bring in clearance of loans and debts. Use your sense in chalking out budget for the future. Expenses are bound to increase on the family front.


Good news is that 2016 will bring with itself good and healthy health. People into bad addictions will get rid of it easily. Energy level will be towards the higher end.

Leo Horoscope for the year 2016

The horoscope 2016 predicts that, onset of this year will be very striking for you. This year you will witness excellent opportunities that will nourish your life further. Jupiter’s presence in your sign will also make you undertake innovative skills and enhance your creativeness.

Love life

Single Leo’s will get true love this year. Chances are that you will meet this love at a random outing and when it is least expected. August to November is the time when the flings might get converted to committed and long lasting relationships.

Leo yearly Horoscope 2016 will be colourful for married couples. They will have an opportunity to expand their family and plan for babies.


Plans and ideas should be put to work only after consulting your superiors. Try to avoid grievances and learn to be cordial with people at work. Don’t turn a blind eye to your inner feeling and do as it says. Planning once done should be executed without thinking twice.


Inattentiveness might lead you to loss. Horoscope says that you should be a little careful with your finances. Cards tell that money will slip out of hand into unnecessary purchase. Try to avoid such circumstances. Business will be flourishing and money will flow in. September 2016 will be the best time for finances and planning’s related to it.


First half of the year will be unpleasant in terms of health.  Try to maintain proper diet which is balanced and healthy. Make holiday plans with your family as this trip will relax you physically as well as mentally.

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Jun, 16 2015 01:01 pm