Analysis and Parameters of Manglik Dosha in Match Making

Marriage ceremony is considered to be an auspicious activity in one’s life. Through this ceremony the newly married couple steps ahead towards a new life hence taking the generation ahead! In order to fetch a peaceful life, horoscope matching has been considered to be a vital step for settling of marriages. People have been observed acting generally as per the dictates of horoscope.

Manglik Dosha – Biggest Pinprick in Settling of Life

The presence of “Manglik Dosha” is considered to be a very big pinprick in the settling of the marriage as it is a vital parameter useful in match making. In such cases, either the marriage ceremony gets delayed or gets broken as well hence providing inconvenience. It is all about the presence of Mars in the horoscope.

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As per the birth chart analysis, a person is considered to be manglik in case of placement of Mars in the ascendant, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house. There are some analyzers, who consider the second house for the purpose of judging “Manglik Dosha”. Some of the vandalizing effects of the presence of Mars have been highlighted as under:

  • Making a person violent and aggressive
  • Problems in the adjustment with family
  • Marring away of family comfort
  • Misunderstanding in the marital life
  • Self danger along with that of the spouse
  • Destructing the marital happiness

Effect of Mars in Certain Houses of horoscope

For the purpose of match making, the counting of the houses is generally done from the lagna, moon and Venus. It is a fact that the presence of so many houses and parameters make it difficult to judge a horoscope abandoned of “Manglik Dosha”. Some of the effects related to the presence of Mars in certain places of the horoscope have been elaborated as under:

  • The presence of Mars in lagna results the native guy to be prone of mental problems along with diseased body. But he can be considered to be brutal along with being courageous. Chances exist for far travelling.
  • Placement of Mars in the second house leads friendship with evil minded people. It also makes him devoid of wisdom and mercy.
  • Placement of Mars in the fourth house leads to problems with chaps, vehicles and high enhancement rate weaknesses in body.
  • Placement of Mars in seventh house as per birth chart analysis leads to the growth of sorrows from people of opposite sex.
  • Presence in the eighth house leads to eye sickness along with issues related to blood. The person becomes mentally dull.
  • When Mars is present on the twelfth house leads to enmity with friends and restless body. He also gets indulged into unwise expenses relate to wealth and sufferings from bondage.

Parameters Which are Helpful in Reducing the Effect of Manglik Dosha

Some of the parameters helpful in reducing the effect of Mars while match making includes:

  • Presence of Malefic planets in third, sixth and eleventh houses.
  • Placement of Mars in its own house or in Aries and Scorpio.
  • Placement of Jupiter along with Mars
  • Placement of Mars in conjunction with Saturn.

All are the predictions which help in the reduction of negative effects produced due to “Manglik Dosha” in case of birth chart analysis.

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Jun, 15 2015 05:28 pm