Astrology predictions results in Mental Well being

Astrology being an ancient science has accepted and taken a huge responsibility and job of predicting future since time immemorial. Astrology being a statistical and probabilistic approach, foretells few incidents that may happen in the future. Many rely and depend on astrological based theories and sciences to get rid of situations or actions that may result in unfortunate consequences. Zodiac signs and their houses are members of this method of science. Zodiac signs differentiate nature and behaviours of people according to their time of birth. It is actually a very easy, robust and a good method through which compatibilities amongst and versus individuals can be seen or judged. So below are some signs which try to portray characteristics of people born under them.

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  1. Gemini: Witty but Devious

Gemini monthly horoscope 2016 foretells that there is a chance of foreign or domestic travel in 2016.Being highly independent; they do not like to abide by rules. Dictatorship is a big “no no” in their case, that’s because freedom is their one and only need or requirement. Their clan is filled with clever people and all of them can play mind games pretty well. They possess a dual nature so you cannot predict their minds that easily. They have the unwanted tendency to deviate very fast and quickly from one subject which portrays their unfocussed mentality. They are extremely witty so they can make good salesperson, manager or communicator. The reason to this being their manipulative nature that can evaluate peoples’ mind well .Hence, they can convince people well. Their tendency to leap or just overlook things makes them not really aware of the fact that they do not know everything. They love excitements in life so they are energetic enough to dive into interesting adventures. They lack perseverance and determination in life. They are enchanting and may charm anyone quickly, but securing a place in their hearts is a difficult task. They can persuade someone at such an extent that they will make sure they get what they want. Gemini people are also, and very passionately, friendly lovers. They, can be, and are generous and affectionate towards their friends.

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  1. Cancer: Loyal but Oversensitive

Cancer monthly horoscope 2016 expects good understanding form your colleagues. People with this zodiac sign are proved to be self-reliant but they need encouragement and emotional support from others. They crave and always seek for attention so when gain it, they really relish that. They are conservative and enjoy living in the past. They are extremely faithful to their true friends and love genuine affection. As far as temperaments are concerned, they are extremely and really sensitive and they fear in trusting people. Even a small conflict may lead them to emotional outburst. They even get mood swings. They get offended very easily. They have strong insight and perseverance which make them suitable for business and investments. People who do not allow their emotions to overtake them mentally prove to be the most successful ones under this sun sign. They are intelligent and possess a vision of future trends. Cancer people are fickle minded at times, however and though they most times also prove to be the most dependable people in times of help. They are generous and sympathetic towards friends and acquaintances. They feel at peace when they are alone.

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