Guru Chandal Dosh and Its Remedies

Guru Chandal Dosh and Its Remedies

According to the Vedic astrology, Guru Chandal yoga is contemplated as one of the dangerous Yoga.It occurs when Jupiter (Guru) associates with Rahu or ketu in the same house or at least 6 degrees to each other. During the association, The Jupiter that is renowned for its aristocratic lifestyle, wealth and wisdom will retain its positive quality. It conjuncts with chandal(Rahu or ketu) to achieve something in life that has no positive effect.

. The results of the yoga may differ according to the individuals sign and the house. But one should be aware of the effects that Guru ChandalYog can have on a person.

1st House

The 1st house is called Lagna. When, the GuruChandal Yoga enters in Lagna, His principles and morals can be doubted. Egocentric nature will be incubated.  Loss of self respect and rectitude. The person will experience a shallow life and his/her life will be out of track. Although, there is quite a disregard of many unfavorable effects, there will also be some good benefits. He/she will have financial uplifts. Luck will support. If Jupiter presides a positive strength in an individual’s astrological chart, then the person will be good mannered.

2nd House

The results of GuruChandal yoga depends upon the nature of Jupiter. If Jupiter is benefic, then luck will favorin terms of wealth and he will see steady financial growth. The individual will also have an impressive career and lead a good life. If it turns out the opposite, the person will face severe problems in terms of mental health, financial Loss, family arguments, worries etc;.

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3rd House

In this House, an individual will be endorsed with bravery and leadership qualities. Luck will favor them. If they have brothers, they may take advantage from them. If the Jupiter is malefic, then the individual will behave rudely and speak blunt in his/her native language.

4th House

If the Jupiter is benefic, the individual may acquire his/her own house. He may adorn the power of persuasion. Progress in education will be seen, a student can see steady academic growth and success. Good Chances of landing a Government Job is there.If it turns out the opposite, the individual will witness instability in his/her life. Disputes may likely to happen with family members and may involve in wrong doings.


5th House

If the Jupiter is benefic, the person will show impressive results in education. He/she will lead good life with their children.His/her family life will flourish along with his career. If the Jupiter is malefic, they may face problems in progeny orinvolve in conflict with their offspring.

6th House

The person will find prosperity and accumulate more wealth. He will gain financial profits. Although having such benefits, there are chances of having a bad impact on health.If the Jupiter and Rahu are malefic, you may get into arguments and conflict with people surrounded by you or will start having bad thoughts regarding religion. Disbelief will increase towards spirituality and religion. Your mindset will be mostly negative.

7th House

Guruchandal Yoga enteing in this house may cause serious problems in marriage. The sight of trust and faith of partner will be questioned. It is advisable, not to have arguments with your partner. If Jupiter is benefic, proliferation in business. There are also pretty chances of success in politics.

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8th House

If the Jupiter is not well placed, then casualties, mishaps, destruction are likely to be witnessed. You might get physical injury. So, try taking care of yourself. If the conjunction is benefic then it will procure good knowledge on doctors, healers, Yoga Guru.

9th House

If the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in 9th house occurs creating Guru Chandal yoga is benefic then it will provide success though out the time. if the Jupiter is not in good position, then success won’t come so easily. It may be delayed. There will be a lot of disruptions in between.

10th House

The person belonging to this house will be timid but there will be no down fall in financial condition. They are chances of financial profits but may be delayed due to some reason. The person will be successful in business. He or She will acquire good wealth, own houses and commercialproperties.

11th House

The effect of Guruchandal yoga in this house is better than all other houses. The person born in this house will accumulate lot of money. He will be economically stable.The money may inflow through wrong places. So, be careful of what you do. He/she will own commercial properties. The individual will enjoy an aristocratic life.

12th House

In this house, theyoga will create a wrong perception about spirituality. He/she will have a negative thinking and through this, decisions taken might have an adverse effect in their life. When Jupiter and Rahu face Mars, the situation might go highly critical. The person may deeply involvein his/her religion, caste.

When Jupiter is in good position, the affect will no longer exist and negative effects of yoga will be diminished.  If it is supported by benefic planets, the person will show huge interest in religious activities.


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There are many ways to remove GuruChandal yoga. You may follow the points as listed below.

  • Intake of Good/Pure food will destroy the effect of Guru Chandal Yoga. While on course, it is not good to take Rajshiand Tamasik food.


  • Yoga and Meditation will be provide good results and will eliminate the bad effect from Guru Chandal Yoga. The practice should be done attentively. It is better, if practiced under the guidance of professional yoga teacher.


  • Donating food to dogs.


  • Involving in spiritual acts and attending religious ceremony or temples will diminish the negative effect of the yoga.


  • Chanting/Reciting any of the following mantras. It should be recited approximately 108 times. As you do, it will to accede the strength of Guru(Jupiter) and would diminish the effect of Guru ChandalDosha:


  • Read this mantra aloud:

“Om brim brihaspatayenamah”

“Om vrimbrihaspatayenamah”

“Om ShreemBrahmBrihaspatayeNamah”

“Om graamgreemgraumsahguruvenamah”

What to give?

  • Actively participate in charity to needy and old people; this would certainly provide you with the blessings. It is good if you can donate Yellow item like cloth, haldi, honey etcin a temple or orphanage. Helping the needy people and taking care of them would lead to immense decline of the bad impacts of Guru ChandalDosha.

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