Astrology has become one of the main controlling factors of the life. Since many years back it has been an accepted process of future prediction. However it is not possible for everybody to meet the astrologers to get the predictions. There are many websites which are authentic for the free online astrology reading and for free online birth chart. The readers can access the websites at any moment to get their predictions. It is important to know the proper birth time to get the appropriate birth chart.

Horoscope according to the birth chart:

Astrology has taken birth from the Vedangas which is full of knowledge assessment of self. This is the basic foundation of the process of the astrological predictions according to the birth chart. Besides it also tells about the effect of the solar position on the birth chart and the future predictions accordingly. According to the Indian astrology the birth chart is the Janam Kundli which is the proper description of the astronomical locations and the proper predictions of the cosmic effect on the person. With the knowledge of the proper birth place, time; one can predict the present and future life to the large extent.

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 Birth chart

Birth chart is done with the proper birth time, place along with the longitudinal position to predict the appropriate future fate of the natal. It is important to do very cautiously as this involve much astronomical and statistical analysis. Lagna of the new born baby is also predicted from the birth chart. The time and the astrological location of the natal play the important role to control the life cycle. The sun rise and the position of moon is also important regarding the birth chart. It is also important to take in account the position of the planets at the birth time. The locations of the six planets along with the lunar phase control the life of the native. The sign at which the Moon is positioned during the birth time is called the Janam Rashi and the assemblage of the stars where the moon is situated is called the Janam Nakhshatra. The Janam Rashi and Janam Nakhshatra along with the lagna makes an image of the characteristics of the native, and hence the part of the future prediction of him or her.

The online reading:

There are many sites which provide the free reading facility to know the astrological predictions according to the birth chart. The user has to put the proper birth time, place and other required elements to get this. These services are free commonly and the predictions are quite fruitful to large extents.

The benefits of the birth chart:

It is important again to know the benefits of the birth chart for the future predictions. They can be summarized as:

  • Greater prediction of self: From the birth chart the proper prediction of the self is possible.
  • Information of the future: To get the proper future prediction the appropriate birth chart is indispensible.
  • Tell about the past life: Though it is doubtful, it is thought to get the past history of the new born from the birth chart.

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