Horocope Predictions for Guru Chandal dosh 2016 All rashi Sign

The Effects of the Conjuction of Juppiter and Rahu on all signs in 2016:


Aries :

People belonging to this zodiac sign might face problems in education but it will be paid off with the genuine hard work.  There may occur some psychological problems. Conflicts and arguments are likely to arise between parents and their wards due to the transition of Jupiter and Rahu in one house. Some may hear good news of the birth of their grandchild.



People from this sign have to stay bold and face the hardships in their life. They may experience a lot of mental pressure from their family. They may face problems in their work place. They may experience failures. So, it is advisable to keep faith in good will and never lose hope.


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People born with Gemini Moon Sign, Hard work is the Key for success. Every work will be rightfully paid back with good results. Career growth and financial profits are impressive. When Saturn transits in 6th house, Success will knock at their door step.

Cancer :

The conjunction will be taking place in 2nd housefrom January 29, 2016 till August 11, 2016, due to Jupiter and Rahu, People belonging to this sign won’t be financially successful. Luck may notfavor you during the period. So, investing would be a bad idea. Be cautious while you speak because, you might be blunt. Try to be nice to your family and avoid unnecessary arguments.



You will prosper in Education and related fields and  you can also expect some good changes in study and career related issues as JUPITER (GURU GRAHA) is well placed. Since the Guru Graha is in conjugation with either of Rahu or Ketu as per natal chart, you have a good GURU CHANDAL Yoga and help to boost in study related issues.

People belonging to this zodiac sign will not see any difficulty or problem during the transition of Guru and Rahu. In short, this is a good season for the people who born with LEO moon sign.


As Rahu and Guru are passing collectively there are chances of facing difficulties from different issues such as high expenditure, loss of wealth and position. No harm in travelling abroad. There are high chances of income for the people born in Virgo moon sign as SATURN is transiting in 3rd House.


There are chances of income from new opportunities as Guru Chandal Yoga is in 11th house and this is the last phase for the Sade Sati for the people born in Libra moon sign. There is high probability for promotion and successful investments in new ventures. Due to bad positions of Rahu and Guru there might be problem with your children.

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As the transition on Saturn is mainly seen on 1st house which will have a great impact on 10th house, the house of career and the people born in Scorpio moon sign will have adverse effects from Saturn Sade Sati. Due to transition of Rahu and Guru in LEO there are chances of Guru Chandal Yoga, 10th house. You may get promotion by injustice and change of job is indicated.


Conceived locals are under the impact of the first period of Sade Sati as Saturn is traveling in Scorpio, the twelfth (house for consumption). Guru Chandal Yoga will be present in the house for good fortune, in Leo, from January 30, 2016. As Jupiter has a promising perspective on Chandra Lagna (Sagittarius) the awful impacts of Guru Chandal Yoga will be minimized. The local might confront snags in endeavors from January 29, evening, 2016 to August 11, 2016 however Jupiter’s favorable viewpoint will be useful in decreasing the terrible impacts of Guru Chandal Yoga. On the off chance that running Mahadasha and Antardasha are likewise ideal in the horoscope, a wide range of issues will be minimized.


Moon sign conceived persons from January 29, 2016 till August 11, 2016, there might be health related issues. General wellbeing checkup ought to be kept up. Saturn’s travel in eleventh house will be useful in expanding the individual salary, money related status. There will be picks up now and then.


People belonging to the Aquarius Moon sign will encounter contrasts and strained relations with their life partner amid Guru Chandal yoga period, in the seventh house, because of the travel of Guru and Rahu, shaping Guru Chandal Yoga. Hot discourses ought to be kept away from. Endeavors ought to be made to keep up solid association with the life partner or the accomplice. Wellbeing of self or mate won’t be great. Legitimate wellbeing checkup ought to be kept up amid this period.


The presence of Guru Chandal Yoga in 6th house from Jan 29, 2016 will improve their gain from job. There are signs for a raise and all round success in work. Accomplishment in endeavors might be anticipated, however deferred. There are chances of career related good changes for self or spouse.


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Feb, 20 2016 01:00 pm