Horoscope is the prediction of the future. The prediction of yearly horoscope 2016 has already done by the eminent astrologers. So it is very interesting matter to know in advance what is waiting for the year head 2016.


 The sun sign Aries will get a positive vigour in the year of 2016 and so the natives of the sun sign will be energized and overzealous. According to the predictions the members of the sun sign would get the blessings from Lord Jupiter. The first half of the year would be favourable to go to abroad. The year 2016 will be blessed by love and happiness and so it would be good time for the married couple and lovers also.

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 The year head 2016 will be favourable for Taurus too. According to the astrological calculations the lord Jupiter would be at the good place for the sun sign. 2016 will be the year of luck for Taurus. According to the predictions the natives can get the best results if they would put some more efforts to get them.


 According to the prediction the year 2016 would be favourable for those who are going to start the new business. Gemini natives will also have to give extra effort to complete the tasks. They will enjoy getting good health and wealth.


 According to yearly horoscope 2016, this is best time to get married for the Cancer natives who are planning to start the new married life. The natives will get a chance to go to abroad for work. However this year will not give health problems.


 The Leo natives will get a mixed result for the positions of the Jupiter and Saturn. The natives will face troubles and simultaneously get good news. Hence the mixed results will be bagged for them. They may get some disappointments from their beloved ones.


 The year 2016 will be colourful for the Virgo natives too. They will enjoy the success by giving the extra efforts. This year will be favourable to the students too.


 2016 is also fine for the Libra natives, but there will be some misunderstandings in family. The natives will enjoy good health and sweet love life. The next year will also be good for trade and business.


 The Scorpio natives will get some mixed results in the year of 2016. The position of Saturn will give some problems and so they have to give some efforts to make the work fulfilled. Overall the year would be mixed bag for the Scorpions. The love life would be good for the Scorpions in 2016.


 According to the astrologers the Sagittarius members will experience some neutral results in the starting phase of the year. The position of the Saturn will make the way to get the results troublesome and so they have to be calculative in 2016.


 Capricorn will experience many surprises in 2016. According to the astrology prediction, year 2016 will be filled with full of surprises. The members will get success according to the preparation and the positive vibe will control the life style but they have to control the life cautiously.


 Again it will be mixed bag result for Aquarius. The members will experience the ups and downs in all aspects. They should follow the suggestions of the good astrologers to overcome the problems.

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Jun, 16 2015 10:58 am