Indian Vedic astrology for the effects on human entities

With the ancient science of the Indian culture, astrology has taken a good position in today’s world. This science deals with the study of the planetary position and their position with respect to the planets in the exact time and the date of the birth. It causes the planets to determine what kinds of the effects of the planets will have on the human entities. Thousands of years ago the astrology was only based on the planet position with the stars and the sun and the moon. Hence the movements of the planets are very important in determining the fate of the people. But in very recent time, the astrological readings are getting the zodiac signs in its reading which also gives the accurate readings of the horoscope. Thus it is nothing but an interpretation of the arrangement of the planets with respect to the stars the planets, the sun and the moon.

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As per the Vedic astrology there are twelve houses in the birth chart of every people. And the houses represent some characteristic   and aspects of the human life. There are twenty seven constellations along with nine planets and the position of the planets in the houses represents different aspects of the life in various other ways. Thus the visual representation of the chart along with the signs and the position of the planets can give you the best and worst timing of the life. Astrology of each year is being declared and hence the year ahead is being known to the people can be lead in that particular way to know about the interesting facts about the life. Astrology 2016 can be given well in advanced by the astrologers in the internet as now a day the astrological reading are very easily available in the internet all over the world.

Difference among the western and the Indian astrological culture

But there are some difference among the Vedic astrology and the western astrological readings. The Vedic astrology is based on the stars which are fixed and the planets are in a movement which is in a constant motion. Thus the locations of the planets are being measured and the reading is being derived. Whereas the zodiac sign is very important for the western astrological reading and this gets the horoscope readings. Here the planetary motion is being measured with the location of the sun. This is similar in some aspects but differs in the timing of the travel of the sun.

Thus based on the sun sign readings, horoscope reading is being done and this can gives you the possibilities of your life. Thus the horoscope 2016 are for those particular years which have all the readings in its chart. If you want to get the horoscope reading, take the help of the technology and thus you can register yourself with the online horoscope sites and thus get the daily readings based on your zodiac sign. This will give you a great push towards the front side and hence you can get to the right path that will be suitable for you.

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Jun, 15 2015 08:29 pm