Ketu Transit 2016 – Ketu Gochar 2016 – Ketu in Aquarius – Effects and Predictions

Ketu transit will happen on 31 January 2016. As the direction of its movement is reverse Ketu will move from Pisces to Aquarius. After 31 January 2016, Ketu will be in the 11th house and will be in the 11th house and will be under the direct aspect of Jupiter. On the other hand combination of Jupiter with Rahu will create ‘Guru Chandal Yog’. We cannot ignore the effect of Jupiter on different ascendants.
This article will help you in learning about the effects of Ketu transit 2016 on your zodiacs.


Ketu transit is going to happen in your 11th house creating ‘Raj Yog’ in terms of finance. At the same time we cannot ignore the presence of Rahu with Jupiter creating ‘Guru Chandal Dosh’. This direct aspect will divert your mind to wrong direction and will influence your situation handling methods and make you diplomatic. You will feel attraction towards immoral deeds due to malefic Jupiter. Income graph will increase during this period but you will have to be more cautious. This combination of stars is also not good for your children. It’s better to be more attentive while taking care of kids.


Ketu transit will going to take place in your 10th house. This transit will create ‘Raj Yog’ for you. Effects of this transit will make you involved in the religious activities. You will participate in religious activities enthusiastically. You will get the taste of success if you are working in the social or political fields. During this period you will have to be careful about your work as malefic Jupiter returns results with twice the impact for the immoral and illegal work.


Ketu transit will going to happen in your 9th house. However in the Vedic astrology Ketu in the 9th house is considered as auspicious. This combination will give you good results and enhance your personality. Luck will be in your favour and you will shine in this transit. All hurdles will vanish and you will find a smooth path in your life’s journey. Natives of Gemini ascendant will definitely receive good news if you are associated with the teaching profession. Time is favourable for people related to religious activities.


Ketu will transit in the 8th house. As per the Vedic astrology, this combination is considered harmful and you have to be careful during this period as this transit may create disturbance in your health. Disorder is stomach or below stomach area will create problem for you. This combination of stars may results into accidents. Try to avoid the situations that might create danger to life and also keep distance from violent animals. You may also lose any precious item. Control your speech.


Ketu will be transiting in your seventh house. During this period combination of Rahu and Jupiter will create disturbance in your life. Malefic Jupiter is enough to create hurdles in your life. Difference of through with life partner or business partner or may be lover may happen. Your married or professional life might get impacted severely during this transit if your seventh house is already disturbed in the horoscope chart. It is advised to have patience and tolerance to save your relations during Ketu transit.


Ketu will be coming to your sixth house. This will bring positive and auspicious change in your life. Financial status will definitely rise and will give you relief from old loans. Mentally you will free from stress. Success will be definite in the illegal matters. Opposition will not be able to stand in front of you if you are going through the major or minor period of Ketu.


Ketu transit will going to happen in your fifth house. This combination will increase your will power. You will not leave things incomplete. Energy and zeal will help you to defeat all difficulties which you are facing. Interest in spiritual activities will increase and it will also increase the religious preaching. You will develop keen interest in social work, religion, family and occult science. Be careful about children as stars are not favourable.


Ketu will be in your fourth house. This transit will not be beneficial for you. Health issues may disturb your life. Take every small problem seriously and consult experts as soon as possible. Health problems among parents may also increase during this period. Your relation with parents needs your attention so it is advisable to rejuvenate your bonding. Be careful in the legal matters too.


Ketu is coming to your third house. This change will increase your physical capabilities. You will develop tremendous will power during this period. These combinations of stars compel you to complete tasks with more enthusiasm. Nothing seems to be impossible for you during the Ketu transit period. Direct aspect of malefic Jupiter will develop an intention to get your work done forcefully. Be sensitive about feeling of others and take care of your behaviour.


Ketu is coming your second house. Take care of the financial situation. The combination of stars will create great disturbance in the money matters. It is advisable not to take risk in business. Huge investments should be avoided or if possible they should be under proper guidance of experts. More attention should be given to documentation and legal matters. Try to stay away from disputes and control over speech is required.


Ketu is coming to your lagna. In ancient Vedic astrology, it is believed that Ketu is very effective in lagna. Your will power will increase and so is your desire to get the things. Combination of Jupiter and Rahu in the seventh house will create problems in your married life. It will be fruitful time for the social workers and politicians. Ketu transit will also be beneficial for traders associated with soil and grains.


Ketu is coming to your twelfth house. This combination may create some problems for you. Unexpected sudden expenditures will disturb your financial budget. There will be unnecessary journeys, which will give you only stress. Lagna Bhang Yog will suppress your power and physical abilities. Tendency to leave things will increase if your horoscope chart is affected with malefic planet.

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