Mercury Transit in Aquarius on 9 March 2015

Aquarius will experience the movement of Planet Mercury. It is said that Aquarius is the sign of knowledge and Mercury is the planet of dual nature. Although, Mercury also have thirst for knowledge. It is a gentle planet but when it comes in conjunction with any planet in birth chart, it starts giving results like other planets.

What will be its effects on various zodiac sign? Take a look at it –


This time you may buy a new handheld equipment. Your mind will be refreshed. You will feel pleasure in meeting your friends and enjoying the life with fun. The work that was halted in past will be completed now. You may spend your most time in leisure activities. People will enjoy your satire. Personal life will be great and love relationship will be great. Your education level will be maintained and health will be also good.


You will feel happy at your workplace. Profits will come from stock market. You will get money from any old policy or mutual fund scheme. You will like to spend time with your spouse. There will be attraction towards someone. You will spend a lot of time in surfing and it would be great for gaining knowledge. You will reach your workplace on time. Your faith will remain in religion.


Progress will come in your higher studies. You may also go out on travelling to distant places. There will be weakness in the health but you will recover fast. It will be good to maintain a balanced diet. Do exercise regularly. Your financial situation will be average. Your married life will be great and pleasing. Love relations will proceed in positive directions. At workplace your efficiency will be appreciated.


You will be able to pay off your old debts. There are some hurdles possible in your love relations. Keep in touch with your beloved. You will feel alone at times. However, if you are married you will enjoy great time. You will get a chance to meet your in-laws. Take care of the dressing sense. Keep a light blue colour small cloth with you.


Your coordination with your spouse will be great. You will get lot of chance for the happiness and light moments. You need to work with great tendency and finish work fast. However, do not haste to get the work done. You may buy a gift for your wife. Friends will come for your support. Health will be weak. There will be improvement in education. You will earn social respect and goodwill.


There will be health problems. You will get a shock in your health and at workplace too. Take care of your device and try to consume more vegetables in food. Married life will remain great. Love relations will be pleasant. You need to control your mind and avoid the situation of indecisiveness. Profits will come to you from assets.


Your voice will be sweet and so will be your speech. Love relations will get intense and married life will be great. You must wear clothes of white, red and green colours. Expenses will likely to increase. You will share close relation with your partner. Financial situation will be normal.


You are required to keep a watch on your words. Health problems related to skin are possible. You will go great at workplace. Your closeness with the people will increase. You will do great in education and new ideas will show you new routes in life. You will spend some time with your friends. You will have magnetic personality and will attract people from opposite sex.


The transit will be great for the people associated with journalist profile. You will have good relationship with your partner. In terms of love affairs the time will be favourable. You should avoid excess anger. There will be travelling in this period of transit. Meeting with closed ones is possible.


Time is good for financial gains. Income will come from various source and luck will support you. You may buy new products. There will be opportunity to interact with partner at distant place. You will get a chance to do a big project at workplace. Luck will be favourable in married life. Time is good for love relationship.


You will remain confused in terms of love affair. You will not be able to focus on your work. You may search for a partner this time as the luck is in your favour. Be cautious about your work else you will lose the chance of earn respect of people at workplace. Any sad news will come your way and expenses may increase.


Health will be down due to stress. You will face anger of your spouse. There will be disputes between you and your partner. Relationship will be peaceful. There are good chances of arrival of money. There will be obstacles in education. You will feel unhappy. Your mobile expenses will increase. There are chances of increased problems in health and you need to consume light food for that.

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Mar, 08 2015 09:45 am