Mercury Transit in Capricorn and effects on your zodiac

Mercury Transit in Capricorn


The transit of the third house and sixth house lord in the tenth house will bring profits for you. Your working skills will get sharped and you will influence others with your talks. Time is favourable for love life. Your relations will be cordial with the family members. Health might get affected if you are going through the Pratyantar Dasha. Your efforts will increase and you will take benefits from them. Time is favourable for students.


This time is good to accumulate wealth and keep making efforts. You might develop interest in writing and reading books. You will be interested in subjects like history, politics and travel. If you are a follower you can visit your mentor. A new agreement might accomplish and this transit will help you in getting internal peace and happiness.


Transit of ascendant lord in the eighth house will create problems for you. However, things will get back normal soon as Mercury do not reside in the same sign for long time. Keep your mental state energetic. Health issues are possible and there are some allegations possible. Keep control on your deeds and speech. Listen to people but find solutions yourself. Reciting Vishnu Sahastranam will bring peace to your life.


Expenses are possible on family members. You will feel mentally happy. However, at the same time your might turn indecisive. Instead of thinking too much in taking a decision, try to make a quick conclusion. Love as well as personal life will be great.


Normal concern is possible for health. Time is good to change job. Avoid distant journeys as profit will be less in it. Do not lose your hope and give your best. Your efforts will take you towards success. Luck will be in your favour and you will accomplish your endeavours. Do not let your efforts stop or getting affected.


Time is good to advice others. Keep control on your ego. You will have a great time with your friends and financial profits will come from it. Make sure you help your friends in real and not just verbally. Time is good for natives of media and arts.


Harmony will be there among the family members. Expenses are possible on home rejuvenation. If you live on rent this is good time to change your location. Ninth house lord is in your tenth house, which will make your work easy. Personal life will go great. Love life will also remain fine. Try to control your expenses.


You may get sad news from siblings. Your communication skills will improve. Your relation will improve with people around you. Professional tours to nearby places is possible, which will bring benefits. You might get accomplish any deal. Obey your elders and take advantage from charity. Energy will rise in you, taking you forward in life.


Mercury is counted among the planet of wealth. Money comes from deeds and when it moves in different house, money comes to the native. Hence, it is good for you. You will get financial gain but there will be mental stress too. You need to give quality time to your love life and spend money on it. This transit is good for you.


This transit is good for you. If you have any endeavours pending and they come under the lordship of Mercury, you will be able to complete them. Success is possible. Businessmen who are in the property business will get extreme benefits. Personal life will remain blissful and so will be the family life.


Time is good to return money. You might have to go somewhere due to important work. Profits are possible, hence try to finish your work on time. Things will remain good at work place and your relations will improve with everyone. There will be problems with the love life but it will not last long. Enemies will not be able to harm you.


Your love life will intensify further. Income will come from your expected sources. You will perform well at your work place. Friends will come ahead and help you. Financial gain is assured and you will but new things. Luck will support you. Hence, keep your efforts on and move forward.

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Jan, 04 2016 07:42 am