Mercury Transit in Taurus

Mercury moved in the Taurus zodiac on April 27, 2015. Taurus is the sign of Venus that shares friendly bond with Mercury. Natives who are going through the Pratyanar Dasha of Mercury will get good results. The effects of this transit is as follows –


Time is good for the love life. You will enjoy and share laughter with your loved ones. Your family life will be good. There will be noticeable progress in the education section. Married life will be good. Financial gain is on your card. Social circle will be good and you will have desire to accomplish tasks in minimum time.


There are possibilities of expenses on your spouse. Useless journeys are foreseen. You will try to accomplish the task on your own. People will support you and you will cherish the success. The health will be good and so will be the mood. Expenses may rise in the married life. You will meet old friends.


There are chances of financial loss and you may lose your valuable asset. There is slight downfall in your health. Do not invest in betting. Married life will be great. There are physical pleasures seen in the love life. Old task will be accomplished. You will meet old friends.


The time is excellent. You will get financial gain as well as establish new bonds. Love life will bring internal peace. Married life will be good. Things will be good at work front. You will get support from others and your work will be appreciated. Health will be good and time is favourable in all aspects.


Lions will get great support of luck. You will get opportunity to perform well at work place. Senior officials as well as juniors will support you. Married life is looking pleasant. Love life will go the way favourable. Health will be good. Financial gains are possible and things are excellent from children.


You might participate in the activities related to religion. Health may get weaker. Luck will not be very powerful and hence avoid acting in hurry. Think carefully before finalizing any agreement no matter it is written or verbal. Love life and married life are looking favourable.


There are less opportunities of profit. Luck might change suddenly and if you have taken money from someone this is the time to return it back. Do not doubt your partner in the married life. Love life however looks good. Progress is foreseen in the studies. You may get harm from friends. At work place you might may humiliation. Chances of financial gain are less. Health will remain good.


Trouble is possible in married life and you will take less interest in work. You will devote more time in religious activities. You will obey your elders. Love life looks excellent. Financial profits look normal. Progress is foreseen in studies. You will coordinate with people well. Good news is possible from children. Keep your temper under control.


Work and business will go great. There are minor chances of skin allergy. Married life may face difficulties. Harm is also foreseen in love life. Sad news may come from children. You will feel mentally confused and time is good to get job. Keep your efforts to achieve your target. Control your expenses.


Arguments are possible in personal life. You will feel annoyed and harm may come in your married life too. You will take interest in other women. Health will be good during this time. Some of your tasks will be achieved. Your daily routine may get hampered. You will not enjoy working at workplace. Due to it you may also postpone any important work.


There is outstanding progress foreseen in studies. Harm is possible in love life. Same is possible from children. Your might develop an attitude of finishing tasks early. Married life won’t be prosperous. Minor health issues are possible. You will perform great at workplace.


Time will remain good. Love life will go smooth and married life will be great. Health will remain good. Luck will be in your favour. There are plans to go away from home. You will take less interest in studies. Misunderstanding are possible. You will visit religious place to seek help. You might get supported in tasks related to religion.

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May, 10 2015 05:58 am