Mercury Transit In Virgo (August 23 – October 29, 2015)


Blaming others is easy, but handling a task by self is difficult. Major part of life is wasted in finding flaws in others. Injury is possible during this cycle. Loss is possible in betting and love will decrease. Stress is possible in family. You might lack peace of mind.


This is the time when you will enjoy with friends. Beginning of new love life is possible. You will lack interest in job and efforts will be induced in trying to change the job. Try to meet others with compassion and accomplish all that you want. Time is fortunate for you. Profit is possible for many people. Success is possible. Make sure you do not waste money.


Support will come from siblings. Expenses are possible during this phase. Family atmosphere will remain good. You will socialize more this time. This will be time to impress people around you with your behaviour. Health might give you minor issues. Profits will be there from friends and co-workers. You might get importance in property matters.


It is always good to express rather that regretting later. If you want to say anything, say it during this time. Give the best of your efforts. Wealth will come to you followed by name and fame. Progress is foreseen in work. You will get many opportunities for fun and joy. You will spend time with friends.


Mercury gives good results in this position. Religious deeds are possible and you might go on long journey. You will focus on your work abilities and will improve it. You will sound witty, sharp and humorous. People might admire you for your memory and communication skills. Time is good for research and short time graduation course. Success will come to you and journey will be beneficial.


Since Mercury is a talkative planet it makes everyone talk. It is good to talk, laugh and enjoy. However, you will spend most of your time in talking. Injury is possible during this phase. Expenses might increase and sensual pleasures are also foreseen.


You should take out some time only for you. You will have the urge to spend time with your beloved. Such thoughts are good and genuine. Make sure this does not affect your work. Doing anything secretly from friend will harm you as friends are the only ones who stand by at times of trouble.


You will enjoy with your friends and might try to make others feel inferior. However, doing wrong will bring wrong results to you. Mercury signifies fun and humour. This is the time to fetch profits from others, so do not let this time go.


Mercury will give you auspicious results in the tenth house. Your conversation and way of talking will improve. Seniors will support you. You will like to spend some time at home. Arguments are possible with family members or loved ones. Do not get serious over matters related to home or office as over thinking never helps. You will make new friends and they will be helpful.


Mercury will awake your inner consciousness. You will think about religion and spirituality. You may also plan to go on distant journey. Be careful with your speech and way of talking. Make sure you do not reveal anything that might create problems later. Time is good to take any short term course.


Mercury is transiting in the eighth house. This is not good. Keep control on your excitement and sensual feelings. Love life might get spoiled. Skin disease is also possible. You might get the profits this time. You will also meet someone who will prove to be beneficial for you.


Talk to your partner and burn all the stress. This will bring bliss in your married life. Make sure you remain in harmony with all the family members. Control your ego and do not talk about unnecessary things. Do things which are right and possible. Keep your mind under control. Minor injury is possible at head. You might turn insomniac.

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Aug, 24 2015 08:34 am