Predictions about Bihar general elections 2015

Main predictions

The stars are in favour of Ram Vilas Paswan than Nitish Kumar. The time is not favourable for Nitish Kumar. After 10th of October, BJP will gain strength.

The planets are much stronger in case of Ram Vilas Paswan rather than Nitish Kumar

The dates of Bihar general elections are declared and the election campaign has also begun among the two coalition parties. You must be excited to know about what Hindu astrology predicts about this election – who will win and who will lose. Authentic horoscopes are required for making predictions on individuals. But while predicting for the nation state, medini Jyotish or mundane astrology is used.

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Scrutinizing horoscopes that are available

In case of concerned politicians, only the horoscopes of Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi is available. There is also availability of horoscopes of Shatrughan Sinha, Laloo Prasad and Ram Vilas Paswan. The horoscope of BJP president Amit Shah is also present.The fact is that all these horoscopes except that of Ram Vilas Paswan seems to be verified.

Ram Vilas Paswan

The position of the lagna lord is in the seventh house in the horoscope of Shri Paswan and therefore controls the lagna. Saturn is placed with along with two planets namely mercury the lord of bhagya and Venus, lord of Karma. If the result of election is declared on 8th of November, 2015, BJP will perform better.

Investigating Ram Vilas Paswan’s horoscope

After analysing Ram Vilas Paswan’s horoscope, it can be seen that after 14th September, some differences may arise among the alliance partners due to which a high level of drama may be created during the declaration of the result. A good sign is that Paswan is in a good dasha phase. But in case of Vimshottari dasha system, Paswan will go through some confusions and confrontations til 18th or 20th September.

BJP will come in force after 10th of October

BJP will go through Sun-Saturn-Moon Vimshottari dasha till 10th October, 2015. Moon is in the sixth house of BJP which indicates that there are chances of a disharmony till 10th October.

Will BJP come in power?

Yes, it is possible as it is in a mature sadhe Sati phase. After 29th October, Rahu pratyantar dasha will be operated. Saturn and Rahu shows that there will emergence of a lower caste leader in the coalition. The maha dasha is good for BJP and Antara dasha is average which provides chances for BJP to come into power.

Can Nitish Kumar win 2015 Bihar elections?

Nitish Kumar also has debilitated moon in the eighth house which indicates stubborn attitude. Due to this, a person takes sudden and unwise decisions. Now he is in the Rahu Jupiter Ketu dasha which will force him to act like an unorthodox person and will annoy the voters.

Are Nitish Kumar’s stars not favourable?

Nitish Kumar will be running in Venus pratyantar dasha from October 22. Though it seems good but as mars and Venus are lords of fifth, eleventh and sixth, twelfth houses, for that reason there are less chances for him to win the election.

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