An important planetary transit would be occurring in this month. It is talking about the Mars transit in Scorpio which would be taking place on the 20th February this year. This transition period would be continuing up to 19th September, 2016. It is to be noted here that there would be another transits along with the Mars transit in Scorpio. These are:


  • There would be Rahu and Jupiter transit in Leo and transit of Saturn in Scorpio.
  • The combinations of the transits are quadrant to each other.
  • The combos are in Fire element and the Watery element respectively.


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There would be problems from various sides. You would be experiencing obstacles and due to this you would become restless to overcome them. In the professional sector you would be demoralized by your respected seniors. Therefore you would be facing difficulties to deal with your supervisor. You should work hard and concentrate to your goal to get rid of the problem. There is also a chance to change the job location which might help you to do better in your professional career. You would have to take care of your health also.



If you are a Taurus member then there is a chance to get success in your professional career. However you have to work hard to get it. There is also a chance of facing someone who would make a strong challenge to do better in your job. Your opponent would also get you in the obstacles to get fit as per the changing situation. You have to be aware of the fact that there would be some factors which would push you to some uncomfortable situation. During the transit period you should make your personal life better so that you would be able to get energy out of it.



For the Gemini members it is not a very unfavourable condition. The planetary transit will not harm you to that much of extent. Therefore there is a chance to get your goal achieved by your hard work. This transition period is a good time to start any new venture and there is achance to experience profit from this. However you should control your impulsive behavior, otherwise there would be problem in your personal life.



If you are a Cancer member then you should see your surroundings with positive view. It would be your ultimate energy factor. If you would be able to do so, then only you would get success. This planetary transition period might be fruitful to you because you have a chance to have a promotion in your professional career. However you have to be good to all and there should be harmony with your family members to achieve the goals.



The planetary transition period is a little bit of challenging phase to you. You would be feeling uneasy to fit with the situations. You have to be patient and take the situation lightly and then only you would be able to get rid of the uneasy circumstances. There is a chance to have health problems during this period. Therefore you should avoid heavy stress because it might be bad to your heart. Last of all it should be told you that you have to handle everything with patience.



If you are member of the Virgo zodiac sign, then you have to take extra care of your personal relationship. There is chance that your partner would fall ill and it would become a stressed situation to you. Therefore you have to care of your spouse. On the other hand it is a good time to get the solutions of your personal problems. If there would be any legal problem regarding the personal issues, those would be solved. You might face excessive expense. Therefore you should control your economy.



This planetary movement is not favourable to you regarding the family issues. You might face problems to understand the expectations of family members and therefore you should be aware of the fact and do accordingly. On the other hand the financial matters would be favourable during this period.



It is the time of adventures and you would love it. You would enjoy your new self. There would be freedom waiting for you. During this planetary transition, you would enjoy the betterment in your professional career. However to enjoy all of these you have to be flexible by nature and avoid any arguments. You have to handle the situations intelligently.



There is chance of shifting to abroad. It is the favourable time to shift to other countries. However you would be in the sixes and sevens about the instances around you would not be able to judge them properly. It is obviously a disappointing prediction and you would be able to do well if you would handle them independently and without influence of others.



This time is good regarding the profits from assets. There is a chance to get a new home during this transition period. However everything would go well if you would maintain good relation with your friends and colleagues.



This is the perfect time to shape your dream into reality. During this transition period you would be confident enough to build your career properly. However you should be patient to do your job in perfect manner to achieve the goals.



During this period you have to concentrate on your health because physically active person would be able to shine in career. You would be experiencing good profit during the transition period. However there would be confusions to choose the proper decision and you have to do so with patient and confidence.


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Feb, 15 2016 11:28 am