Rahu Transit in Leo Rahu Transit 2016 Rahu Gochar 2016 Effect and Predictions

Rahu transit will happen on 31 January 2016. As the direction of this transit is reverse Rahu will move from Virgo to Leo. Leo is governed by Sun so Rahu is going to transit in its enemy’s house. While predicting about this particular ‘Rahu Transit’, we cannot neglect the presence of Jupiter in the same house. Result of this combination (Rahu & Jupiter) vary for all zodiacs Aries to Pisces.

Following are the predictions for all the zodiacs:


Rahu will be transiting in your 5th house affecting the career, education and children along with mental state. Rahu is malefic so the effects are negative. Rahu transit will affect your career. It will create mind diversion and can disturb education too. Diversion from spirituality will occur and religious activities might not attract you. Sensitive health matters will get affected during Rahu transit. Pregnant women should take extra care and follow precautions as stars are not favourable.


Rahu will be coming to your 4th house, which will affect the education and your mother’s health and family life. Be cautious about your mother’s health. Do not take small issues lightly. Rahu will affect your family life too. Disturbance are foreseen in your home front. Be prepared for some domestic losses.


Rahu in the 3rd house is considered good for Gemini. However, the presence of Jupiter gives negative effect. Your work efficiency and will power will increase immensely. You will be doing lot of hard work, during this period but you are not doing it in the right direction. Dispute with siblings may arise due to negative influence of Jupiter and Rahu in the same house. Take extra precautions if Venus was not favourable in your birth chart.


Rahu in the 2nd house affects the financial matters and communications. As we all know that Rahu is malefic so the effects of this planet will be also negative. The negativity will increase when Jupiter retrogrades. You will have to take great care in the financial matters. The expenditures may rise exceptionally and suddenly, which will imbalance your budget. Your harsh words may also hurt someone so be careful while communicating.


As the star sign shows you already have the dominating tendency, so when Jupiter was alone efforts and tendencies were in right direction. However, with the Rahu coming in with Jupiter the efforts may go in the wrong direction. Be careful about your deeds and your direction of work. Avoid taking any important decisions during this crucial time. Direct aspect of Jupiter is also not good for life partner. This conditions may get more worse when Rahu will combine with Jupiter. Patience and love is needed to maintain relation with life partner.


As Rahu is coming to your 12th house it will definitely increase the expenses. You have to face unimportant journeys creating financial trouble to you. Those who are connected to foreign affairs or in communication business will be benefitted during Rahu transit 2016. However, you will have to more careful about the expenses.


Rahu is coming to your 11th house creating Raj Yoga in financial sector. However, as Jupiter is already present in the 11th house the combination of Jupiter and Rahu will create Guru Chandal Dosh. As the name implies it will have negative effect on your mind. However, this combination will give better results in income. Only thing you will have to take care is the source of income. Be careful in choosing the path of income, however rahu transit 2016 will definitely rise your bank balance.


Rahu is coming to your 10th house creating Raj Yoga. This rahu transit will not be good for you mother’s health. Some disputes might arise with your elders in the family which is not good. You need to be more careful and decent while behaving with your elders and also during the court matters. Your father’s health may also get disturbed. Although you are also going through the Shani Sade Sati so Rahu transit may not be very fruitful to you. Better to be careful and handle situations patiently during Rahu Transit 2016.


Rahu transit is going to take place at your 9th house which results in disturbing the luck definitely. If you are going through the period of Rahu this transit will create more hurdles in your path. You may also face separation or distance from your father. It is suggested not to be dependent on luck rather try to have faith in hard work. Stay away from lottery or share market. Have faith in God and spirituality.


Rahu will create combination with Jupiter in your 8th house. However, this combination is very fruitful in terms of finance but at the same time it will create disturbance in health. Try to avoid accidents and drive carefully. Stay away from deep water. Never every try to indulge in any illegal or immoral activities or you will be defamed easily.


Rahu is coming to your 7th house and will remain there for the whole year. This will create disturbance in your married life and in the partnership as well. Avoid taking risks in your business and try to stay apart from any dispute. Be careful and attentive from your subordinates as they may create damage to you. Important documents or items should be kept in safe place or they may get stolen.


Combination of Jupiter and Rahu in your 6th house will be harmful for your health. You have to be very careful about the health issues related to stomach or liver. Possibilities of surgery cannot be ignored in the first half of the year. Patients of arthritis, blood sugar or obesity should pay more attention towards health as these problems may rise during Rahu transit 2016. However, you will be able to suppress your enemies and legal procedures will favour you.

Treatment for malefic Rahu

With Regular Yoga & Pranayam you can maintain peace of mind & strengthen your decision power.

Control over anger is must. This can be also done by yoga & meditation.

Diet control will also help you to reduce gastric problems.

“Om Namay Shivay” Or “Om rudray Namah” chanting will definitely suppress ill effects of malefic Rahu.

If Rahu is very malefic and giving very negative result then you must perform Vedic Shanti for Rahu.

Rudra gayatri mantra & havan is more beneficial in case of malefic Rahu.

Perform Rudrabhishek at regular intervals.

Laghu Maha Mtrtiyunjay or Maha Mrityunjay is an ultimate solution if malefic Rahu affects 8th house or lagna.

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