Retrogression of Mercury in Virgo from 17th September, 2015 to 9th October, 2015 and its effects on your zodiac sign

The transit of Mercury in Virgo is taking place on 17th of September and will remain there till 9th of October, 2015. Mercury will turn retrograde in Virgo on 17th of September, 2015 and it will turn direct on 9th of October, 2015 and transit farther to libra on 29th of October. It is going to stay here for a long period of time. Mercury controls our mind and because of it our analysis power also come under its and Mar’s authority. During the retrogression period, people may face difficulty in taking certain decisions. Some people may also face skin problems. Some people may also experience whistle blowing in ear. Your mind may suffer from instability. So, it is better to avoid taking any major decision at this point of time. If you come across any problem such as internet speed , laptop or mobile, it is better to wait for one or two days before giving a call to a technician.

Mercury transit can have various effects on our zodiac sign. You must be curious enough to know about the effects of the transit on your zodiac sign. Well, read the predictions of our expert astrologers below to know it:-

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Aries : Laptop or mobiles may give some problem

Retrograde planets generally create opposite impacts. As Mercury is the lord of third and sixth house for you, so you need to be patient in your relationship as Mercury is the lord of third and sixth house for you. You should take proper care of your health. It is better for you to remain cautious as it is a much favourable time for your opponents. It is also preferable to avoid those people who are jealous of you. In order to avoid any sort of misunderstandings, you should present your thoughts with full clarity and also try to understand other’s point of view properly. Your internet network, laptop and phone may also cause some problems. You need not get irritated with this. You just need to stay calm and quiet.

Taurus : Expenses will remain in control

A mistrust about others may come in your thought. Problems may arise especially in your love relationships. So it is better to try to investigate everything by yourself. A good opportunity may also go out of your hand. It is better to make limited talks if you are in multiple relationships. You may also lose several chances of gaining profit. You can lose money in gambling but will recover that. There may be ups and downs in your expenditure. Sometimes you have to pay a lot of money while sometimes it will decrease a lot.

Gemini : Postpone plans of short journeys

When Mercury turns retrograde, there is instability of mind. Sometimes we have to regret for certain decisions which were taken in a hurry. So it is always better to accept the support of other people. Though it is quite difficult to spend life with such a mentality nowadays.Family members sometimes also does not understand what happened to that person. But it is better to avoid any argument with them and maintain a good relationship. Try to delay a bit if you are planning for a small journey, or else losses will occur. Stay close to your friends.

Cancer : Mixed results are on your cards

Mercury being the prime rival of the ascendant, always keep control on the twelfth house. Now your expenses will reduce upto a great extent. This is not an appropriate time to go for trips. Try to communicate properly with your family members. Don’t give your money to anyone and in any means, otherwise you may face much difficulty in getting the money back. Anyhow try to postpone any sort of important meeting or deal at this point of time.

Leo : Believe in your abilities

When Mercury, the lord of the ninth and eleventh house turns retrograde, everything does not happen according to your expectations. Most often, things take a different turn. it is such a time when even smart people become stupid. So at this point of time, try to rely on your own decisions rather than relying or depending on others. You need to stay cautious about your future plannings.If you are planning to buy anything for your home, it is better to postpone it. Avoid any sort of arguments. In case of financial matters keep everything written and do not refuse any work at this time.

Virgo : Make promises after thinking carefully

It is better for you to remain alert and avoid taking any major decision at this point of time. Keep in mind about the essential things of your everyday life and do not lend money to anyone on debt. It is safe not to make any commitments at this time as you may not be able to fulfill them. People may get annoyed due to it.  Your enemies may also try to cause any harm to you. It is preferable to maintain a transparent personal life.

Libra : Hard work will bring success

Mercury , being the lord of ninth and twelfth house for you and its retrogression in the twelfth house is good for you. As retrograde planets generally produce opposite or mixed results, so your pending tasks will move forward. But it is better to avoid taking any big decision and giving someone money on debt at this time. That may cause harm to your social status. People may try to cause harm to you and even your friends may try to make a fool of you. But nothing serious will happen. Although you will invest a lot of time and dedication towards your work, yet you will receive delayed results which are less than your expectations.

Scorpio : Plans of job change are possible

Due to the presence of the retrograde planet in your eleventh house, differences may occur between you and among your friends. Due to your laziness, your work may become a bit weak and there will be a tendency to get things delayed. If you are planning for going on a trip, it is better to avoid it. You may think of changing a job or accept another proposal but the time is not favourable for doing that right now.

Sagittarius : Use your talent to get success

You should give first priority to your work. Though you are a hardworking and talented person, yet sometimes losses come across your way due to anger and arrogance. Now it’s time for you to get energetic. Don’t get lethargic. Don’t allow unwillingness to dominate your thoughts. If you behave decently with everyone you will also get fruitful results in return. Try to maintain a sweet and healthy relationship with your sweetheart as after all it is the only place where you will find mental peace. Try to avoid any sort of misunderstandings between you two. As after sometime, everything will be in your favor, so maintain a restrained behaviour for that duration of time. Generally people forget about workables and think about resources only but it is better for you to avoid this type of attitude..

Capricorn : You might go on pilgrimage

Take good care of your health and try to engage yourself in talking and laughing. Being a humorous person, there is still a lot of silence hidden inside you. Try to keep yourself engaged in religious and spiritual activities without thinking about whether the lord of the ninth house is in retrograde position or not. There should not be any decrease in your devotion towards lord. You can also plan for a pilgrimage. Go out for some outings and enjoy as you won’t be able to concentrate in your work.

Aquarius : Try to rebuild old connections

Mercury is now in the eighth house which is a very good time but its retrogression time is not favourable. During this time, you need to take good care of your health and communicate with people clearly. It should not be forgotten that mercury is related to mind. So being the lord of the fifth house, it will become more intense for you. Avoid any situations where there is requirement of money and where you need to take your own  decisions otherwise losses may occur without any reason. Try to rebuild old relationships, as you may get great amount of bed pleasures.

Pisces : Financial life will remain strong

Though your personal life may run irregular, yet there is nothing much to worry about. It is very essential for both the partners to avoid anger and quarrels, as because if any one of you may say something unpleasant, it may hurt the other person for a longer time. So it is better to avoid this situation. Love is an extremely beautiful feeling but there is no place or cure for any sort of doubt in the entire world. It is not good for any relationship. You will be receiving money at this time but be careful about its sources.

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