Saturn Transit 2016

Saturn Transit 2016

The name of the planet Saturn has been known to create tensions among people. In the forthcoming year, i.e., in 2016 it is going to transit in Scorpio. This fearful transit will definitely make major changes in the lives of people belonging to variable zodiac signs.

Saturn – Rational and Scariest Planet

Saturn along with being rational and the scariest of all planets is the one who solely believes in justice. In 2016, this jurisdiction planet is going to occupy Scorpio and will remain in the Jyeshtha constellation, the Nakshatra of Mercury. Mercury is considered to be the Lord of third and sixth house in the birth chart of Kaal Purush.

Astrology is the field of Science which deals with predictions related to the future happenings of human life. Although transits are often used by astrologers as a tool for prediction, the real benefit comes from understanding the object of the intention associated. In other words, they try to bring about some changes that may be either good or bad.

An Introduction to Transit                 

The birth chart is a blueprint of the development of an individual and his life. The transits help to excite the whole process in order to provide a mixed life.  It is known that the planets in the Solar system are always moving to make some changes along with making some harmonious links to each other. The organized movement is dancing to a higher tune of reality to which we become a part.

A transit occurs when a single planet forms aspects to one planet among the natal ones in the birth chart. In case you hold a number of planets around this degree, they will contribute in creating an aspect pattern. This pattern will be highlighted in your life from present. Basically, transits are planets on the move that make connections to planets in the Natal Chart.

Do’s and Don’ts in Case of Saturn Transit 2016

Hence, the natives are advised to take steps independently. One must avoid getting deeply involved in any type of financial loan as there might be lack of kinship in the nation. The natives belonging to the background of speech need to be duly careful while making any statement to be beneficiary further.

Effect of Transit 2016 in Each and Every Zodiac Sign

The predictions have been made on the basis of the Moon sign. Transition of Saturn affecting different zodiac signs can be explained in a nutshell as under:

  • Aries As Saturn will be residing in the eighth house, Shani Dhaiya will be ruling the sign. Hence you must beware of your enemies and take due care of health. This year is about to bring ups and downs in the natives who are either in job or businesses. The hardworking persons will get rewards.


One must be duly careful in terms of finances and must ignore making any kind of investment especially based on suggestions. You must maintain a balance between your relatives by talking a bit sweetly. It is better not to expect something new like a baby from love life. Live the life you have in front of you.


As a remedy, you may offer flour to ants. Presenting shoes and black colored clothes to the poor and deprived people will also be beneficial.


  • Taurus – In 2016, Saturn will transit in the seventh house of this zodiac sign. In case you are going well, no need to worry too much. But on the other hand, do not forget t take good care of health by devoting time in Yoga and Ayurveda.


You must avoid being stubborn and try to make your partner understand the situation. A favorable year for working as well as business persons and guys planning to go abroad!  Colleagues will be highly supportive.


As a remedy you may try to serve a black cow. Wearing a ring made of horseshoe of black horse will definitely bring luck.


  • Gemini – Transition of Saturn will prevail in the sixth house of the sign, which is a good indicator. It will also transit in Mercury, the Lord of the sign. You may expect to get positive result in each and every aspect.


Your enemies who try to envy you will remain failure from each and every angle. You will get high victory in almost all fields along with a good health. There remains possibility of coming of unexpected money into your life. A good chance to excel in career and travel abroad!


As a remedy, you must feed black dog. The birds must be served with a mixture of 7 different types of grains and pulses.


  • Cancer – The coming of judicious Saturn in the fifth house will let you fetch better results in each and every task performed by you. Friends and colleagues will bring high benefits. The creative ideas will bring favorable results.


Any sort of technical assistance will be highly profitable. Though your job may bring lots of opportunities for you, but it is requested to be duly careful while making partnership. The love relationship must not be taken for granted. Students should concentrate on their studies and must avoid holding grudges against brothers.


As a remedy, a lamp must be burnt in front of the Peepal Tree. Also, almond offerings in temple will also be highly beneficial.


  • Leo – The coming of Saturn in the fourth house implies the influence of Dhaiya. Hence, hard work must be performed in order to obtain positive results. The residing of Saturn in the constellation of second and eleventh house of Mercury will not affect you much due to high dedication.


This year will be very much supportive in making the plan of purchasing a new house or car a great success. High concentration is demanded on your work this time. People in job will get better outcome. You must take good care of health and personal life.


As remedy, you may serve rice and milk to black cow. You may also offer Sindoor to Hanuman Ji every Saturday.


  • Virgo – Judicious Saturn will transit in the third house of Virgo and will reside in the lord of your house Mercury to bring favorable results. The confidence will be supporting your system to be a winner. The financial condition will be improving in a parallel manner.


Job as well as business life will be duly favorable. The family life will also improve and th conjugal life of the Virgos will be blissful along with little souring of the love relationship. You must take good care of your health to enjoy a happy year.


As remedy, you must avoid consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food. You may also serve food to black dogs and monkeys on Saturdays.


  • Libra – Saturn will transit in the second house hence leading you to experience Sade Sati in 2016. Though travelling long distance including foreign tour will be beneficiary, other things like proper management of finances wisely requires due attention.


You must not invest blindly on anything. Try to remain sweet to others and keep your family sync with yourself. In case you are planning to shift to a new place or start a venture, this year will be much favorable for you.


As a remedy, you must help lepers. You must take 1.5 kgs. of coal along with an iron nail and put it in a black cloth. The cloth must be revolved around the head and put in the running water.


  • Scorpio Saturn, the Lord of justice will be transiting in the first house of this zodiac sign. As a result, you will have the effect of Sade Sati in 2016. You will be getting mixed results this year as Saturn is residing in the constellation of Mercury.


It will take some time for the tasks to get completed. You will definitely succeed in your steps even after going through hurdles and hard work. You must try to keep your seniors and elders happy. High time to invest intelligently and controlling unwanted expenses along with respecting your love!


As a remedy, you may offer jaggery to monkeys. Try to ignore alcohol and non-vegetarian food items.


  • Sagittarius – The transition of inflexible Saturn in the twelfth house will lead to the Sade Sati hence affecting life a little bit. Being under the constellation of Mercury, it may lead to small blockages in your day-to-day life. This will not hold you from getting success.


Try to consult your doctor and have regular checkups. Try to start valuing money and stop spending unnecessarily. You must beware of those envying you. Talking in a sweat manner will be a better idea.


As remedy, try to chant Hanuman Chalisa and offer Sindoor to Lord Hanuman. On Saturdays, float 11 husk coconuts in running water.


  • Capricorn In 2016, Saturn will be transiting in the eleventh house of Cappricorn. As it will be residing in the constellation of Mercury, there will be support from luck along with little difficulties. Your health will remain good, but still you must take due care.


Your colleagues will be your support system. Too much trusting on others in business life will dishearten you a lot. The finances will be twisted but your family life will be healthy and happy. Also, you may experience some development in your own self and personal life.


As remedy, follow moral values and try to stay aloof from alcohol. Also, try to donate mustard seeds.


  • Aquarius – In 2016, Saturn will be transiting in the tenth house of Aquarius. Also, it will occupy the constellation of Mercury, which is the Lord of fifth and eight house. Hence, it is advised to work in an intelligent manner in the right direction to fetch awesome results.


Too much hurrying may lead to damage. Still Saturn will be on your side throughout the year and will help to succeed in every task. Chances regarding the increase in the source of earning exist. Business may expand hence enhancing flow of money. Promotion in ork and accomplishment from friends may also take place.


As a remedy, try to help the blind as much as you can. Also, try to give food to black dogs on every Saturday.


  • Pisces Saturn will transiting in the ninth house of Pisceans. The residing of judicious and punishable Saturn in the constellation of Mercury will enable to have a blissful domestic life. Little nit care from your side is required. You will be able to finish each and every task.


You will also be successful in the plan of expanding your business with the help of any relative. It is advised to take care of the health of father as well as brother rather than getting into arguments with them. After small hurdles, you will be highly benefitted. A great year for familial life, health and relationship with friends!


As remedy, try to float rice in running water whenever possible. Offer Roti with Ghee to black cow.

Utilize the best of these predictions to make your life even better. Best of Luck!

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