Sun Transit in Leo on August 17, 2015


This is the time to enjoy and go for long distance travelling. Your child might suffer from health problems. You will lose money in speculations as victory is not definite. There will be unnecessary delay in the work and this will results in lack of mental peace. Although, you will get the benefits later. There will be no problem if you avoid greed. Do not take decisions in hurry. Someone might cheat you.


Sun transit will in the fourth house. Try to come closer to your relatives. This is the time to make your future plans. There are possibilities of sudden profits arising during this phase. Your friends will help you accomplish a major task. This is the time to take care of the aspirations. It is better to stop thinking about your past and focus on present. Resolve the disputes calmly at home


You might win the debates with others. This is the good time to go for interviews as you may succeed in it. Your business will increase. Try to reduce your arrogance and ego. Try to meet people and blend with them. You may get involved in argument with someone at your workplace and it will not result in your favour. Listen to your seniors and avoid being arrogant.


You will spend on religious activities and journeys with family. However, avoid threatening your family members and talk to them with clam and love. Give respect to elders and fulfil their wish. This is the good time to buy something for your home. You may also think of buying gold as it will help you in crucial time. Arguments are possible with any distant relative.


You need to control yourself this time. Your love for yourself and ego will increase. You may consider yourself superior than others and anger may come quickly. Health problems like fever, pain in eyes and headache might trouble you. You will face issues with your life partner. Embarrassment is possible due to any old matter. Avoid doing anything which may affect others.


Do not hide your activities from anyone. Express your work freely in front of everyone and leave the results on destiny. Disputes are possible with life partner. If the debate with partner goes bigger, you need to give some efforts to control it. Do not think too much about the future. Keep doing your work and leave the rest on destiny. Take care of your health. Some of your secrets might get revealed.


Arrogance is not good for any relationship. We must remain humble with our friends. Disputes are possible with the friends of opposite sex and opposite effects are possible on your health. Acidity is possible. Move ahead with everyone together. Do not compare anyone with money. Someone will try to bully you, so take care. Concentrate on your work and do not comment on anyone.


The sun transit will inspire you to move ahead. The sun rays will give you more energy during this transit. You will feel that you are working better than others. Ego might increase and you will try to dominate others. Keep analysing yourself as it helps in understanding the situation better. Disputes are possible, try to avoid them. Listen to your seniors.


This is the house of religion, but it is also seen for many other things. Transition of Sun in such auspicious house will keep you spiritually uplifted. Do not leave any chance of doing charities. Give respect to the elders. This is the right time to start a new course. Time is good for going on pilgrimages. Minor disputes are possible with family members, but everything will be under control.


Time will never remain the same. Happiness and sorrow are part of life. However, you can protect yourself from sorrow by taking simple precautions. Disputes are possible with family members. You will be interested in sexual desires, try to avoid it. There are possibilities of loss of respect, so stay cautious. Speak sweet and stay away from backbiters.


This house is related to your life partner and business members. Presence of Sun from birth time in this house is not considered auspicious. Often it is seen that presence of Sun in seventh house leay the marriage or an outage will remain in domestic life. You are required to remain clam. Avoid ego and selfishness. Eliminate your disputes by discussing things. Control your desire for opposite sex and stay cautious about money.


This is an auspicious house. Some problems may occur regarding health, but benefits will come at workplace. Abandon all kinds of greed. Moksha is the only way to salvation. Detachment is possible from several things. Some people may also try to cheat on you. You may get selected on deputation in the place of another person.

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Aug, 17 2015 08:33 am