Sun Transit in Scorpio on 17 November to 16 December

Sun transited into Scorpio on November 17, 2015. Natives going through Pratyantar Dasha of Sun will face some serious changes in their life. Read the effects of various zodiacs below –


There are changes of adverse health issues. Enemies will try to affect your work. There are chances of loss in the business. Disappointment in love life is also foreseen. Same is predicted from children. Luck might not support your children. Being cautious is the best practise this time.


Minor fever might bother you. Expenses will increase on the family. There are chances of misunderstanding in the family. You will not get happiness from your children too. Do not depend on luck. However, during this time you may accomplish any of your stuck endeavours. Taking help from friends will be good and you will enjoy happiness from them. Extreme help will come from friends of opposite gender.


Profits are possible in the work. If you are planning to switch job, time is in your favour. Your work will be appreciated. Profits are foreseen for businessmen. Your relation with your family members might also get affected. Argument is possible with spouse as well. Make sure to control your behaviour. Don’t allow ego to dominate you.


The fiery planet created problem in the house in which it transits. Love life will not keep you happy. Do not expect much from children. Their health might get affected. Stomach issues are possible and burning sensation is possible in the intestines. Long journey is possible and you will enjoy it. Progress is possible at work front. If keep giving your efforts, nothing can stop you from achieving success.


Sun will aspect directly in your tenth house. The Sun whether posited in tenth house or aspects it, both are good for the natives. You will get profits at the work front. Seniors will support you. Love life will go through some issues. Matters of property will be in your favour. Differences are possible for the family members. Home renovation or cleaning is possible. Your fame will increase.


You will communicate a lot. People will like talking to you. You will enjoy inspirational conversations. Your courage will be on a rise. Efforts will witness new energy. Luck will give little trouble. However, working on your skills you will tackle it. You might undertake or accomplish new deals. Short journeys are possible.


Sun is posited in the second house. It will cause pain in your eyes and head. You might get gift or money from siblings. You might spend on gold or other expensive things. Conflict is possible with in-laws. Friends will support and you will use your energy for them. Progress is foreseen at workplace.


Love life will upset you and the reason might be you yourself. Stay away from anger and ego. Friends will support you willingly. You might refuse any major work. You will perform at work front, but your behaviour will create problem for you. You should have control on yourself. You need to be very humble with your spouse, else major problem might arise.


Sun does not give results in the twelfth house. It will travel though the constellations of Rahu, Mars and Jupiter; hence profits are assured. Do not let disappointments affect you and do not stop your efforts. Tuning among family members might reduce. Love life might upset you. Expenses will rise.


Profits are possible from old deals, share, fund etc. You might harm anybody to make money. However, the end results will trouble you. Do not leave the path of truth and morality. If you are in the business of property, profits are possible. Long journey is also possible. Your spiritual side will grow. Expenses might increase, keep a check on it.


Sun is extremely influential in the tenth house. If the house lord of Sun is not malefic, it will give profit to the native. You will enjoy the progress at work place. Wealth and respect will come to your way. Do not force others to take your advice.


Sun is in the auspicious ninth house and it is the lord of the sixth house. It will give benefits to you and to your father. You will get opportunities to move forward in life. You will make new friends from distant places. Wealth will come from several resources. The wealth may be in the form of name or fame. Personal life will remain good. This transit will be good for you.

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Nov, 23 2015 09:30 am