The essential 7 do’s when Mercury goes direct on 10th October,2015

Mercury has been retrograde from September 17th to October 9th. So now the frustration level has got settled. It gives you a chance to look back at the past, consider all the situations and perform all the leftover aspects of your life.

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What does it mean when Mercury goes direct on 10th of October?

When Mercury turns direct, it is the perfect time to give a new start, make plans and other commitments. It is the actual time for settling any disputes that you had in the few past weeks.

Stay calm and patient

Things will begin to settle when Mercury passes through the exact point where it turned retrograde and you can also start from the point where you left things before Mercury turned retrograde.

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Sign Contracts

When Mercury turns direct, it is the best time to sign documents, new deals and negotiations.

Accept New Job Offers

Rejuvenate the previous opportunities. Try to communicate and reach out to various opportunities that come along your way.

Buy big ticket items

You can make use of the last three weeks of retrograde motion to research in order to buy the new car or any gadget of your dreams.

Invest in technology

It is the perfect time to invest in an online startup if you have been planning to do so for a long time.

Make travel plans

It is the exact time to plan for exotic holiday destinations when Mercury goes direct.

Clear misunderstandings

When Mercury goes direct, it is the time to express your thoughts clearly. It is a time to communicate, propose, make negotiations and make presentations.

Make that decision

Mercury while going direct will provide you enough information to help you take important decisions without any hesitation. So don’t worry and go ahead.

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Sep, 26 2015 06:29 pm