The history of the future of life- astrology

From the ancient period when atharva Veda has been in tradition, astrology made its existence from that time. This Veda has been considered as the most sacred form of Veda in the Indian mythology. And the Vedic astrology that is commonly termed as Jyotish became popular in India with the Hindu religion mostly. Jyotish is a study on the position of the stars and the planets comparing it are with the fixed positions of the other planets and stars assigned to them by the early highly knowledgeable personalities. And this study is being considered as the most scientific one with logical mathematical calculations.

Comparisons of other astrology with the Indian one

There are also other types of astrology like the western one but the basic difference among these two concepts lies in the calculation technique. As per the western astrological concepts the planetary position changes with the positions of the stars whereas the Hindu astrology is based on the twelve constellation and nakshatras. These have a great influence in the terrestrial phenomenon by various configuration and it is being believed that the basic life history inclination are totally based on the planets and stars at the time of the birth and their positions and thus determines the characteristics, strengths and weakness.

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Astrology in India 2016 has been determined with the various positions of the stars, planets and the nakshatras. The calendar making and determination of the various dates and religious pujas are being declared based on all these information. So astrology is a great part of our life which is very vital and also necessary. Without these we cannot get to know about the dates and the auspicious days. Moreover this is also being used for the natal chart or the life horoscope of a baby which determiner’s one’s life chart with their strengths and weaknesses characteristics and various other configurations.

Determination of the natal chart with the science of stars

As per the natal chart every life chart has a zodiac sign and that determines the influence of the daily life. They have a great effect on one’s terrestrial works on the earth planets and hence everyday horoscope is also being provided with the zodiac signs. These predictions are being provided as per the signs and they have all different in characteristics. Thus Indian astrology 2016 also declares the activities what to do and what not to do in the entire year of the 2016. Thus getting all these information will surely help you to avoid all those works which may not be quite effective on you.

Thus getting all these information is very important as astrology is knowledge of culture and ancient traditions. These will help people even though they get closer to technology and away from the nature. It will keep on affecting the individual’s life as the science cannot be denied of the facts. So astrology is not just a belief but a science which can get the logic of the life to a great extent taking care of all aspects of your life. astrological science is a discussion of a good thing to overcome a bad thing

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