The study of the science of astrology- Jyotish charcha

In the era of the twenty first century people has advanced a lot with the technology. They are so much depended on the technological things that without them they cannot think of a single day. Hence it has attached with the life of the people in so deeper way that it has become a vital part of the life and it is not possible to get detached with all this advantages. But a link of believe with the belief of the astrology has still found a place in every body’s heart. So somewhere it is still there that what will happen in future is a great mystery.

From the period of Vedas exist the astrology

From the earlier period it is a science where the study of the planetary position is being determined. And the word has been derived from the word “Jyotish” which relates to the Hindu astrology. Determining the position if the planet and the heavenly bodies has an adverse effect on the people and their workings. There activities are somehow being attracted by the heavenly bodies and thus getting them in touch with the individual is the main principle. And mostly the Hindus get concerned with the facts of these things which get the best output with the future predictions.

Grant of the Jyotish vigyan for the implementations

The Indian government has given a grant to the readings of the Jyotish vigyan or the astrology science. It is not only a matter of study in the universities but also a classical knowledge about our traditional knowledge of Vedas.  The science deals with the Indian style of human life which keep son affecting the life with the planetary position and other effective heavenly bodies in the space. Thus people also get an additional support to their activities as they know about the effect of the planets on the work they want to start or do.

Every year as per the position the dates of the calendar is being fixed and the dates for the various religious days are being fixed. The time of the eclipses are also being determined by the facts of the position. The India astrology 2016 has declared its calendar and dates which will be in effective in the inception of the year. With this information you can also get to know the various days for the weddings and various other occasions as on which auspicious day it will be celebrated. All this are being declared by the people who study the astrological science.

Astrology India 2016 has also declared the position of various planets in the space and this will get the benefits of the planets. The people who believe in these factors get to know about the planetary position and will start the various work according to the effect on the peoples luck. So you can get your luck by your side if you get the facts known in beforehand. Thus believing n astrology is nothing but an additional support to the work that you determine to do with your full confidence and great security of achieving the success.

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Jun, 11 2015 09:54 pm