The sun Transit in Libra: October 17th to November 17th, 2016

The Sun would enter in the Libra on the 17th October and would stay there till 17th of November 2016.  Being King of planets, the Sun would produce really impacts strongly on each and every zodiac sign. Check out about these effects right below;

The Sun would enter in its debilitated mark on the 17th of October 2016. It would move to the Scorpio right after one month. People who are affected by sub periods and by the sub-sub periods would take its maximum impact. The sun will lose its goodwill and auspiciousness by being debilitated, however you might not have to be that afraid. This simple state of the sun would remain intact for at least for 30 days.  Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar Provides your proper Horoscope reading for all Zodiac Sign with Vedic Astrology Rituals.

So, let us take a look at the effects that the zodiac signs would incur because of it;


The sun would move in to your 7th house and that’s why you must stay tranquil and clam with your partner; try to maintain peace. Be peaceful and polite, and respect him/her. You may incur some health issues like pain in the eyes, stomach-aches and headaches etc. Try to maintain your language. The sun, when it will go to the Rahu, would create havoc in your life. Luck would support you but you’d still need to concentrate. Illegal deeds may occur too.


Stay far away from the people who really feel jealous of you. Do behave in the most restrained manner with your co-workers. Losses are quite applicable in love. You may spend more because of your life pattern. Any of your family relative or member may get ill or have a health problem. You may also have issues in your life but you will be clueless about it. However you’d find some nice things too. If any of your projects is stuck thanks to any official work, then it would pass finally.


The time is excellent for your love life. You’d also make some great new friends. They’d help you with your problems too. For servicemen and businessmen, the time would be great. However you’d have to steer clear of arrogance. Control your tongue and mind your own business. Your personal life would stay good.


You might feel a bit argumentative with your family members and that will hurt your home’s peace. You will have to talk nicely with the people who you know. Don’t be negative in your mind. Do steer clear of all issues in office and don’t lose an iota of patience and have false image of a person. Luck will stay with you and you’d not have to worry about anything. You will feel that a thing might be a bit wrong if you are going through the sub-sub or the sub period of the Sun. You can recite the Aditya Hridaa Stotram, at least 3 times a day.


Luck may not help you that much and health issues may arise too. You might also say something quickly that would create issues and you’d feel unreliable. You may have a fight with your sibling, so stay calm. You may spend unnecessarily and it would get out of hand. You will create your own losses. Try doing meditation, it would reduce stress.


You may have fights with your in laws or family members. Your health may deteriorate. You might feel pain on your shoulders or your abdomen. Luck may not stay that friendly with you but it will help you at much needed times. You may have a tussle with your life partner, just remember to control yourself. You may lose a precious item in your home by losing or stealing; hence you must be cautious.


If someone helps you out, you must always appreciate it and be thankful towards him or her by repaying a similar deeded. You may have exertion, headaches and muscle pains. It won’t be a good time for a deal. Procrastinate and delay your legal issues as your lawyer may commit a mistake. You may lose money because you’d reject a good deal. You may be a bit less happy during the time.


Weakness would prevail on the 10th house and that would provide you issues. However the scenario may change. Happiness would lower down in love life and you’d feel bad at small things. You would easily clear your enemies. Friends would sort you out. You may also take a bad deal. Negativity may cloud your mind and you must overcome this.


Your friends may not live up your expectations hence you must not blindly trust them or you’d suffer. Your hardwork may take your ahead. Apply efforts and be peaceful at home. Happiness will come then; however cheating will prevail in a relationship.


Sun is said to be loyal and very royal in the 10th house however no benefit would arrive from it. Your good work will decrease a bit and this would affect a student’s work pace. You may just lose a very good deal or get hampered right before it. Don’t take any big decision. You may suffer from pain joints.

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You’d feel some financial gains coming but you’d also get defamation a bit. Money is not everything for you as it can affect other sides of your life. Try to behave at work places and offices as it can hurt you. Do not consume alcohol or at least reduce it.


When the Lord of 6th house is in the 8th house, it would make Raja Yoga, if the lord of the 8th is on the 3rd, 6th and the 12th house.  If not then, no benefit would incur. Your enemies may try to hurt you and losses in your own life are quite possible. You may lose out to your in laws.

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Feb, 04 2016 07:46 pm