Transit of Sun in Virgo from 17th September to 17th October, 2015

Sun, which is regarded as the king of all planets is moving in Virgo on 17th of september, 2015 and will remain there till 17th of October. Generally people become more generous, energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated towards their work when transit of Sun in Virgo occurs. People might also come across some health related problems due to this transit. But there are less chances of producing harmful effect on anyone. You must be curious enough to know about its effects on your zodiac sign, right?. Well, read the predictions below by our expert astrologers. Let’s take a look on the effects of the transit of Sun in Virgo on your zodiac sign.

Aries : Benefits will come for you in every way

The transit will really prove beneficial for you. But you should remain very much concerned regarding your health. There are ups and downs which form an important part of your life. You may face some problems in your love relationship and may suffer from mental stress due to your children. But as you possess a strong will power, you will not get disturbed by any problem beyond a certain limit. Being a struggler and fighter, as you have gone through several ups and downs in life, you will be able to overcome all the problems coming across your way very easily. But try not to increase the speed of your vehicle, otherwise any problem may arise.


Taurus : You will enjoy the favors of Sun

Now it is time for you to stay away rather avoid spicy food for some time and also have a control over yourself. It is the perfect time for your personal life as you can easily conjecture and solve domestic problems to a great extent. Some small problems may arise in your love life. But there are various  problems which takes place for good reasons also otherwise we would not get time to do hard work. As Sun is concentrating on the eleventh house, you will be benefited by your senior official. Legal matters will also come in your favour leading to a proper ending. So overall it’s a favourable time for you in total. You will spend a lot of money on outings and other entertainment, but will never run out of money. There will be no wastage of time. So enjoy the favor of Sun to the fullest.

Gemini : You will feel motivated

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. When Sun transits in this house, your mind will get distracted due to which arguments will occur more in your home rather than outside. You will also get a new energy at your workplace. But remember to keep aside your ego, or losses may occur. Follow what your elders say instead of misunderstanding them. They may scold you for your good only. It does not mean that they are against you. You may also receive benefits from friends or develop new relationships. So enjoy the favor of this transit.

Cancer : Speak sweet and sensible

As unity is strength, so try to respect your elders and love youngers in every situation. Maintain a good relationship with neighbours, as you may not know,  but they will help you cope up with any sort of problem some day. So do not consider yourself superior than anyone. Try to communicate with people in a proper manner by saying sweet and sensible things so that everyone likes you. Try to avoid any sort of quarrels.

Leo : A good time for buying expensive items

It is promising to buy gold now, not for any astrological or spiritual reasons but for making your future secure. So, try to purchase as much gold as possible this time if you can afford to buy it. It is also the perfect time for buying expensive items but according to your ability. You may face some problems in your eyes. you may also experience headaches but there is no need of visiting a doctor for the same. Your foes will face trouble and some of your family members may also feel dejected by your behaviour. Avoid these type of situations and try to remain happy.

Virgo : Take care of your health

Spend your money on good deeds and urgent requirements rather than on luxuries and leisures. There is much happiness in living for other people. At least give it a try. You need to control your wrath and take care of your blood pressure. You can also go for a blood test. Spending money on your sweetheart may yield good and rewarding results. But be sure to stay alert about your health, or accidents and injuries may take place. You will get support of your friends and you should also be thankful to them.

Libra : Spend time with friends and family

Its time for you to go for an outing somewhere and enjoy with your family members as this transit is going to bring a favourable time for you. You can spend time with your friends if you are a bachelor till now. Do some spendings and enjoy your life uptu greatest extent. Let go all the sad experiences of your life. Do not get upset or stressed if your performance get reduced. Just relax. Try to go anywhere with your family members even if you don’t have time.

Scorpio : Solve all the matters with discussion

Just relax. You need not take any kind of stress as benefits are emerging from all sides. There may be ups and downs, but still the time is favourable for you. If you are in a government job, you will receive help and support from your seniors and there are high chances of gaining success. Try to complete the pending tasks for your future benefit. You will feel nice if you remain gentle and calm. Solve the issues by discussing with your sweetheart rather than getting irritated.

Sagittarius :

Transit of sun in tenth house always yields fruitful results.  It does not matter whether is the lord of twelfth or eighth house. Trying to connect the broken links may prove beneficial. You need to perform some spiritual deeds and go for a tour. It will help you to feel fresh and full of life. The transit is very much in your favour and so you need not take any stress. You will be able to handle all the problems easily without any hesitation during this time.

Capricorn : Everything will end up in your favor

Though initially you may face some difficulty, situations will be alright later. Do not take any major decision during this time. Your luck may not be in your support, so better avoid any risk. Be careful about your mobile and laptop. Do not forget after keeping them somewhere. Domestic life will also be pleasant. Sun, being the king of planets does not cause much harm, but still it is better to remain alert.

Aquarius : In-laws will support you

Be careful in your personal life. You may receive money or any gift from your in-laws. Strangers will also support you and help you to move on. Most of your works will get completed because of your friends. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and any other sort of addiction. Be careful about your eating habits.  This transit will not cause any major harm.

Pisces : Give time to your relationship

Lot of problems will come across your personal life due to which arguments will take place unnecessarily and both will go through mental stress. If anyone among you both  go out of town, it will reduce the problems. Try to maintain a distance in your love life and think about your love while sitting alone. If you feel happy being single, don’t continue your relationship. Find a proper solution and move on.

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