Transition of Mercury to Scorpio from 17th November 2015 – 6th December 2015

Transition of Mercury to Scorpio from 17th November 2015 – 6th December 2015

It has recently been predicted that Mercury will transit to Scorpio on 17th November 2015 and will remain there till 6th December 2015. Though mercury is a fast moving planet, there are some chances to produce some strong impacts on the respective zodiac signs. It is high time to go through the predictions of expert astrologers rather than remaining blank.

People Going through Periods of Mercury – Will Feel the Effects

Those people are going through the sub-period or sub-sub-period of Mercury will prominently feel the effects. Mars is considered to be the lord of Scorpio and shares a neutral relationship with Mercury. But the associated behavior is different in each case due to variable balancing effect.

Effects of Mercury Transit on Various Zodiac Signs

The transition of Mercury to Scorpio will be for long this year, i.e., 2015. Hence the effects of this surprising transit on various zodiac signs can be mentioned in a nutshell as under:

  • Aries People belonging to Aries are requested to think before speaking hence preventing to hurt others. It is good to postpone the date of a legal matter to avoid losses. You must remain cautious as you may lose any valuable like cell phone.


You may also get a responsibility of an important piece of work. Expenses may increase and luck will not always support you. Excessive work load may put you into trouble.


  • Taurus It is high time to give new energy to the love relationship. You will be in a mood to spend on your spouse and your mood will remain in a good state hence enjoying humor and music.


As you will be taking decisions quickly, there will be a tendency to solve all matters quickly. Chances exist to receive something from in-laws. New relationships are waiting for unmarried people. Businessmen will progress in their fields.


  • Gemini – As there may be reduction in health, you may become prey to cold cough and throat problem. Also you may remain depressed due to confusion in mind. As the works will be getting delayed, full satisfaction will be absent.


You may change your present job. As luck will not give much support chances regarding loss of fame are high. But do not get disappointed and carry on with your task honestly and sincerely.


  • Cancer – You may feel disappointed in love relationships. Also wastage of time and thoughts may take place. It will be better to keep on moving ahead without losing patience.


Do not go for any work in a hurry. High time to take care of health and domestic relationships! Instead of wasting money in gambling, try to save it for rainy days!


  • Leo – Chances are there to hold a good improvement in business and in service life also. Money will definitely come in a good amount. Property dealers may be on the way to earn handsome money.


Your friends will be helping in accomplishing different work pieces. Through ill health may provide little bit trouble, but there is nothing to worry much about.


  • Virgo – A really good time for students as they will be benefitting from debates and discussions. This transit can be considered to be a good one for media and similar professionals. Some small trips may also take place.


Luck will be supportive and a good chemistry with brothers will exist. Spouse may go for a long journey where a good time can be spent. Professional life will be full of appreciation and fame.


  • Libra – As the Lord of ninth house has come to the second house, favorable chances may exist. Hough Mercury is the lord of twelfth house; it will give results of ninth house. You will be excelling a lot in business field.


Possibilities regarding good income from relatives and get-togethers are high. But enemies may adapt a slight sensitive behavior.


  • Scorpio – Cautiousness is highly required as chances of losses are high. You must take care of your diet as some sort of disease is possible. Things will be moving forward in love relationship an efforts will give fruitful results.


But you may refuse a good plan. Do not let emotions overpower you. Property related matters may produce problems.


  • Sagittarius – Possibilities regarding work related journeys are high. Delays and hurdles may interfere the daily routine creating stress. You must avoid unnecessary wastage of money.


Try your best to save as much money as possible. Throat problems hold good probability. In case you are overweight, try to lose weight.


  • Capricorn – Good time has come to go for a job change. You must try to maintain good relation with your friends and take advantage of their powers. If you work in right direction, luck will be supporting you at the fullest.


In case any account is pending with foreign companies, no need to worry as you will gain high profit. Increase in the friend circle will enable easy accomplishing of work.


  • Aquarius – Mercury is considered to be an auspicious planet for Aquarians. It becomes the lord of eighth house; the number of inauspicious results is less. Chances exist to get high success in this duration in case Mercury is not the indicator of bad houses.


Better chances of financial benefits exist for both businessmen and servicemen. It is requested to save money for future rather than wasting all them unnecessarily.


  • Pisces – The placement of Mercury in the ninth house will definitely provide auspicious results. You must plan some trips like visiting the nearest Vishnu Temple this time. Chances exist to spend a good time with family.


Progress in work can also be expected. As everything is on the way to look great or you, it is good to prevent yourself from getting attracted towards someone. Otherwise, all your goodness will go in vain.

This is all about the stuff available for you! For further details, the respective astrologer can be easily consulted. He will be paving the path of success by removing all sorts of obstacles by providing some easy to follow tips.

Everything exists in this world. Only right prediction at right time will bring success at the doorsteps. Wishing good luck for you and your life ahead!

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