Transition of Sun in Scorpio from 17th November 2015 to 16th December 2015

Transition of Sun in Scorpio from 17th November 2015 to 16th December 2015

On 16th November 2015, Sun will transit from its debilitated sign to Scorpio which is sign of its friend. It will be regaining its royalty by coming into this zodiac sign. Its effects will also get improved due to this transition.

Transition – To Bring Favorable Result

Though Sun does not produce best effects in Scorpio, but this transit will definitely bring favorable result for some. To be precise, the effect will be variable from one sign to another. In case somebody is going through the sub-sub-period of Sun, these effects can be felt in a prominent manner.

Effect of Transition of Sun in Scorpio on Zodiac Signs

The effect of transition of Sun in Scorpio from 17th November 2015 to 16th December 2015 on various zodiac signs has been predicted by the eminent astrologers. They can be mentioned in a nutshell as under:

  • Aries It is better to take care about yourself as problem regarding health may probably take place. Your enemies will be trying to include hamper in your work. Losses are possible both in business and at workplace.


Love relationships and loss of respect from children may develop frustration. It is good to remain cautious as you may have to face the bad side of luck.


  • Taurus For people belonging to Taurus sign, fever may create some sort of troubles for you. Also expense on family will be on its way to get increased.


Though you may not get much from luck, but many halted tasks will get completed. It will be fruitful to take help from friends especially belonging to opposite sex.


  • Gemini You may benefit in a better way in your job. You may also find a new one as the time is favorable. As the work will be on its way of getting appreciation, chances of earning profits seem to be high. Businessmen will benefit mostly!


You must try your best not to sour the family relations. Keeping a control on behavior will prevent dispute with life partner. Do not let arrogance overpower your thoughts.


  • Cancer – The heated planet has been known to produce losses in whichever sign it goes. It is better to take care as desired happiness will hardly come from love relationships and children. Also bad effects on health like stomach and eye related issues are possible.


The distant journeys so planned will be enjoyable. In case passiveness is not allowed to come into efforts, then success including promotion and appreciation will be there in work place.


  • Leo – Regardless of the fact whether Sun stays or aspects the tenth house, it will definitely produce favorable results for the native. Benefits in workplace along with support from seniors can be expected.


Love relationships including that of family members may not be that favorable. Some property related matters may end up in favor. Renovating and cleaning the house properly will enhance your fame.


  • Virgo – Communication activities will definitely increase at a faster pace. People will enjoy talking to you especially in motivational discussions. There will be a rise in self confidence and new energy will come in efforts.


Though luck may not support much, your efforts will help in getting fruitful results. New deal can be easily accomplished. Small journeys are also possible.


  • Libra – The presence of Sun in the second house may create eye and head related ailments. There exist possibilities to get gift and money from siblings. You may spend a lot in buying gold.


Disputes are possible with the in-laws. As you will be getting desired support from friends, the powers of yours can be used accordingly to get success in work.


  • Scorpio – Love relationships may disturb you a little bit due to own actions. It will be better to stay aloof from anger and arrogance. You may withdraw from a major task and help your friend.


Though efficiency will remain great at workplace, but behavior needs to be kept in control. It will be good to maintain a coordination with life-partner to avoid rising of a big dispute.


  • Sagittarius Though Sun does not produce much favorable results in the twelfth house, but due to its presence in the constellations of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter it will produce high benefits.


You must keep negativity and passiveness away. A bit of loss in tuning of family members may take place. Love relations may view some reduction. Stability of mind may get hampered due to increase in expense.


  • Capricorn – Chances exist for profits to come from an old deal, shares and property will. Never commit towards any misdeed as it may provide losses in the long run. It is advised not to leave the path of truth in any situation.


In case of a property dealer, great profits may come towards you. Spiritual side will greatly develop. It is better to stay restrained as expenses may get increased.


  • Aquarius – Sun is known to provide strong results in the tenth house due to which Aquarians may definitely expect to fetch auspicious results. A good rise in profit at workplace can be expected to see.


Money will come hence raising your respect at the next higher stage. Better avoid the task of pushing your views on others forcefully. Special care is required for people born in Satabhisha-2.


  • Pisces – Ninth house is very much auspicious for Sun and is also the lord of sixth house in your case. As a result, you and your father may expect to fetch higher benefits.


Along with improvement in workplace, you will become friends with distant people. New sources of income are likely to develop. Personal life will be an enjoyable one!

Wishing you all good luck for the year ahead!

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