Venus Transit in Gemini

Venus entered Gemini on May 2, 2015. Due to this transit materialistic thoughts will increase. If you are going through the Pratyantar Dasha of Venus, you will face major impact.

Impact of Venus on various zodiac is as follows –


Your social circle will extend and improve. You will be in touch with people. Relation with brothers will remain cordial. Your ironical skill will develop further. Keep yourself away from other women. Love life will be great. Professional life will be also good. There are chances of financial gains.


Family responsibilities will be your first priority. You will live in coordination with your family members. You will take interest in buying new things. You will have to control your eating habits. You will be able to influence others successfully.


Venus posited in ascendant might make you talkative. You will take interest in showing yourself attractive and captivating. You will get the benefits from opposite gender. Your friend circle will increase. You will perform well at work. Your work might bestow you with appreciation.


Your language might sound harsh. You will face sudden delays and problems in your tasks. You will enjoy the company of your friends. There may be issues at workplace. Married life will remain same as it was earlier. Love life will be hampered.


You might get stuck in property matter. However, this transit is extremely auspicious. You will get immense profits at workplace and your work will be appreciated. You will be inclined towards religious activities. Your love life will be good. Success in foreseen in research work.


Your writing flair will become your strength. If you belong to media field, you will get extreme benefits. This transit is favourable for natives who are associated with the field of media. You will get fame at workplace due to your joyful behaviour. You will plan various ways to perform major and important works.


You will wish to go on long and romantic destinations. You will get good opportunities of financial gains. Time is good for natives associated with import-export and tourism. Do not depend on your luck. Expenses will increase. People who are into jobs will not enjoy the work. You may go out for vacations for few days.


You will develop an urge of spending maximum time with your partner. Health issues may arise. You might get any important work at work place. Misunderstanding is possible in personal life. Disputes will also occur with family members.


Venus is posited in the seventh house. It is good for personal life. You are enthusiastic and Venus will intensify your thoughts. You will feel good. Love life will keep your extremely happy. Money will be spent on materialistic things. You will get benefits from friends and relatives.


You will get support from colleagues. You will enjoy the company of your friends. Money will be spent on pets. Love life might get spoilt. People associated with journalism and medial will be benefited. You might have to spend on your vehicle.


Venus posited in fifth house will immense joy in you. You will develop habit on concentrating more on music and arts. You will enjoy time with your partner and love life will intensify. All this will affect your work. However, you will handle the situation.


You will bring changes in your home decoration. You might go on long journeys. There will be opportunity to work and perform well at work place. Your efficiency will be good. Married life will remain good. Love life will be stable.

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May, 11 2015 08:30 am