What Can Bring Auspicious and Inauspicious Things in Life in 2016 Jupiter Transit in Virgo

Jupiter Transit 2016 – Jupiter Transit in Virgo – Jupiter gochar 2016 – Brihaspti Gochar 2016

Jupiter one of the most powerful and generous planets of wealth and wisdom transiting 2016, so you certainly want to know how this year brings name, fame, money and more in your life. Here in this article we have briefly discussed the transit of Jupiter according to Vedic Astrology. This year in the month of August, Jupiter the big and most auspicious plant in the entire solar system transiting in Virgo and will be there till the month of September 2017, here you get all information about Jupiter and its affect on your zodiac sign and will be able to uncover all the curiosities.


For Aries Jupiter or Guru will transit in the year 2016 and will take place in your sixth house, this is a good placement as such, you will be able to gain power to win over your rivals, you can face few disputes and troubles in some situation, but do not worry at all you will overcome it. If you are in business of finance, this time will be helpful for you to expand your business and earn more money you desire. You gain family matters and financial matters.

Remedies – Try to donate some clothes as well as silver to scholars to grab the best.


For Taurus in 2016 Jupiter or Guru will take place in the 5th house, so if you are the same then you have enough possibilities to get the favorable outcomes and that is definitely powerful. If you have matter related to education of your children this is good time to resolve, also a good time for hard word and earn more. Though Jupiter for this zodiac sign is the lord of 8th house, so you may face sudden difficulties, especially problems related to your health, your foot and stomach, but not at the higher level.

Remedies – Try to help learned people that will be beneficial for you.


This year Jupiter or Guru will take in 4th place of your horoscope that is strictly related to your work as well as property. Thus you are possible gain on professional front, you can get promotion, you can plan to change your job and for a new or business expansion. You can purchase a new vehicle.

Remedies – Try to donate pulses in temples with open and pure mind can be beneficial to you.

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jupiter transit yagyaCancer

This year Jupiter or Guru will come in your 3rd house. The planet of wisdom and knowledge is the lord of 6th and 9th house. This can create misunderstanding and quarrelsome situation with your brothers and neighbors. You will have opportunities to be benefitted in 2016, if you plan for new things to start be very cautious and tricky.

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Remedies – This time if you worship Goddess Durga and donate fruits and sweets to girls will be effective.


In 2016 Jupiter or Guru is transiting in your 2nd house. The planet is the lord of 5th and 8th house and will prove much beneficial in your financial gain; you can save money which you have been thinking to do, but not yet do. Auspicious events can occur in life. If you are accepting child, he or she can enter in life and make your life more meaningful and happy.

Remedies – Try to donate some yellow clothes to teachers or scholars.

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In the year 2016, Jupiter or Guru will come in your 1st house; the planet is the lord of your 4th and 7th house. You can take essential decision and improve your family environment. People who are unmarried and have zodiac sign Virgo can go forward for new life i.e. wedding. Some auspicious events can occur in your family and make your life more meaningful. You can get promotion in your professional life.

Remedies – Try to give services to poor people and cows.


Transiting of Jupiter or Guru your lord of 3rd and 6th house in the horoscope will come in your 12th house. This time period is not that much good for your people, because this time you will lack self-confidence. People can create trouble against you without any means. You may travel lot in 2016 without good purposes and benefits, but try to maintain good understanding with your family members and neighbors. Try to give up unnecessary expenditure this year.

Remedies: Try to provide help to saints as well as mentors; this will surely make your life happy and luck strong.


Jupiter or Guru transit 2016, and will take place in your 11th house of your horoscope. Jupiter is the lord of your 2nd and 5th house. Thus this transit in 2016 is totally positive; this transition of Guru can give you new source of earning. If you are thinking to pursue for higher studies for better future prospect you can, because this period is good for your go and will give you success. You can be married this year and also other auspicious things happen positively.

Remedies: You are strictly advised to pour water on your nearby peepal tree on a regular basis.

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In the year 2016, Jupiter or Guru Transition will happen in your 10th house. The planet is the lord of one’s 4th house according to Vedic Astrology and will give good outcomes in accordance with your work. You can get wonderful results in business and finance. If you are thinking set up a new business or expand the previous one this time will surely help you to go forward without any hindrance. Your success may come with your related work. You can set up your own home and will get positive outcomes.

Remedies: Try to distribute almonds in temples.


Jupiter or Guru Transits in 2016 is taking place generally in 9th house. The planet is the lord of 12th and 3rd house, so this transition will give you good and bad results at a same time. Moreover, for this period you are advised to be more cool and calm, maintain good understanding with your family, colleagues, and others that will be beneficial. You can get connected with religious gurus and try to make connection and stay with them. You can get good and proficient outcomes by enhancing relations with your neighbors as well as relatives to attain the good job.

Remedies: Try to give up eating meat and also try to float rice in running water that will give you good results.


This year Guru or Jupiter will come in your 8th house as per Vedic Astrology, though Jupiter is also the lord of your 2nd and 11th house. In accordance with Jupiter Transit in the year 2016, you need to be very aware about upcoming issues that you should handle positively and intelligently. As you know fortune favors those who believe in themselves, so you need to believe in yourself for positive results. Although is transition is good for learning occult science whether you feel like. This period also make you self-dependent.

Remedies: Try to donate potatoes, ghee as well as camphor at temples that can give you many auspicious results.

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In the year of 2016 Jupiter transit in your 7th house and this can bring many good results in your life. Though seventh house is the house of luck, so your luck in this period will be with you and you will get in touch with many good people who will help you in work place as well as family matters. Many auspicious things will happen in your life this time and you will be happy with these things. You many desire will come true. You can start new business and also can expand the existing one; also you can make partnership if you want to. This transition will surely prove to be very good for the purpose of newly married couples as well as the natives who are seeking forward to get married soon. In the year 2016 Jupiter transition will bring new way to live more meaningful and happy life that everyone desire for. This transition can bring new things that you have only though but never attained, in your office, family and friends circle. If you work hard you will get sure good results that you are looking for.

Remedies – You can donate milk and honey to poor people and cows as well as clothes and good things to your teachers and educated honest people that will surely bring you good results.

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