A yearly horoscope predicts particularly for a year. But every sun sign has their general characteristics. For Virgo, the general characteristics are–


  • They are more likely to serve than any other sun sign and this gives them immense happiness
  • Commonly they are hard-working, disciplined and well-organized
  • The most vital thing is their expediency, intelligence and thoroughness
  • When eager to dole out with, then becomes most helping companion
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Virgo is sixth sign of the zodiac circle, ruled by Mercury, and thus its associated element is Earth.

After Virgo, Libra is the next at the seventh position. It is ruled by Venus and the associate element is Air. The common features of a Libra-born are–


  • Libras feel good to be paired up, since they exemplify equilibrium, concord and wisdom of impartiality
  • Their favourite joint venture is at home: in marital relationship
  • They feel complete only with their lover or spouse
  • Their quest for equality, serenity and concord is their strength


These all predictions are made in general. But specifically how it is going to be in2016? Let’s check what the astrologers say.

VIRGO Predictions


  • Career Opportunity


As per Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2016, during this period, there is a transition of Jupiter in Leo, which supports the expansion of consciousness. And from 12th September 2016, Jupiter will start to live in the house of Virgo, which will be the ideal time to look forward towards new direction and you would expect greater recognition for your talent and skill.  Professionals need to upgrade communication and maintain a friendly work relation with colleagues. Industrialists can try new business this year.


  • Financial Condition


During the first half, there is a chance of shrinkage in your splurge. But need to handle financial issues reasonably. Logical investment would bring you good return at the end of the year.


  • Health Concern


Though it is a good time for your health, but nothing works at its best without ardent care. So you need to take care of your health even if you are in hectic schedule. Walking, cardiac exercise with proper diet would be fruitful.


LIBRA Predictions


  • Career Opportunity


Libra Yearly Horoscope 2016 forecasts if Librans use their creativity, they would invent their future path in 2016. This year, their family will play a central position in the Libran’s overall growth. 2016 is promising for initializing a new project. In business, you need to be convincing to break the opposition from your links. Second half of 2016 probably be good to take any major professional decision.


  • Financial Condition


There is a help of Jupiter throughout the year on financial affairs. A safe and sound investment and long term plans would prove to be fruitful this year. Your income will probably be exceptional and you must clear all pending loans. Towards the end of the year you can go for property transactions.


  • Health Concern


2016 is going to be a fantastic year for Libra-born people. There would be lots of prospects to enjoy life. Though in April to July, you could face mental instabilities, from September onward, you can anticipate better spiritual potency.


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Jun, 16 2015 01:06 pm