Adhik maas religious significance

Adhik maas religious significance

Purushottam maas is considered a very good time and people will show their respect to god in this period. There are many way to show their respect one can perform varats according to their capacity for example full day varat without eating any kind of veg food, varat with eating only fruits. These varats can be performed with different timings one can have full day, half day, whole week or for whole month. In this time of period many rituals take place like different kind of prayers, remembering of mantras whole day or while fasting, havans and puja’s.

People do some good work in this month so they can take control of their senses and try to overcome from their bad past and pain. Doing good thing in this month will help you to overcome from the cycle of rebirth.

If you have regret of doing anything wrong in past and you are feeling very bad for this then this time period is very beneficial for these people to overcome from their sins and try to be a better person. This time period is also good for the people which have any kind of dhosh in their birth chart. A dosh nivaran puja will give very good result and better future.

This godly month, which come after every thirty-two year, you can make this month more holy and good if you read holy book/katha, remember the god’s name and doing prayars. Doing patha of bhavishyottar purana, shrimad bhagwat puran, shri vishnu puran, in this month will give you a prosperous life.  These rituals like havan and prayer have the ability to remove your guilt and a good life.

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Benefit of adhik masa vrat

  • Mental peace and joyful life can be achieved or accomplish by having fast during the time of adhik masa. These varat is also considered as performing hundred yagnas.
  • If you want to fill your life with joy and complete all your desire then you need to do vrat in this holy month with pure heart. God will help you to archive your life goal also give the strength to overcome from your bad past.
  • All the bad karmas/guilt done in your past will be removed and provide you a new opportunity to start again.
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Adhik Maas Daan

Daan or charity has a very important part not only this month but also in whole life. The best way to do charity is that if you do this silently also known as gupt daan. This kind of daan/charity has the high importance among all kind of daan. The one who do charity should have the pure heart and don’t expect anything. The charity will help you do decrease your guilt which are done by you. Charity is not just related to money you can also help someone which is also a charity.

If you have any kind of unfavorable effect from any Navagraha then donating food and cloths will help you to reduce the effect. Arranging Bhandara for poor people will bring joy and happiness in your life. If the Bhandara is arranged on the holy place for poor, hungry people and especially for Brahmins will increase the value of Bhandara. People can donate according to their will. Donating and doing charity will help you to fulfill your life and reduce your graha doshas.


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