Adhik Maas Story/legends

Adhik Maas Story/legends

There are few legends associated with Adhik Maas. In this post will be gather information about the Adhik Maas legends.

As we are aware that Mal Maas or Adhik Maas is also known as Purushottam Maas. There is a great legend associated with it. As per the lunar year, there are 12 months. With the time passes by, lunar and solar year get a difference of a month. To match the lunar and solar year with days and season, far-sighted sages calculated and facilitated an extra month known as Adhik Maas. However, the problem occurred with this month as there was no God associated with it. Since, each of the 12 months were assigned to 12 difference Gods, but the 13th month was not assigned to any God.

This made Adhik Maas sad and he approached to Lord Vishnu to seek help. He urged almighty Vishnu that no god is assigned to him as he is an extra month and for that reason he is called Mal Maas or Malim mucha. Mal Maas further urged that he is anxious and came to seek your help and refuge. Lord Purushottam/Vishnu took pity on him and assigned Adhik Maas to himself. This gave it a name Purushottam Maas.

Lord Vishnu further stated that merits acquired by an individual through religious acts of homa, havan, charities etc all over the year can be acquired in just one month. If a devotee worship Lord Vishnu religiously in Adhik Maas and perform spiritual activities his merits will be equal to those acquired in 12 months. Since then the Adhik Maas gain lot of importance and greater significance.


Another legend associated with importance of Adhik Maas is that in ancient times, by the observance of Mal Maas fast, King Nahush was released from all bondage and acquired the throne of Lord Indra.

Story of Adhik Maas –

Once Goddess Lakshmi asked Lord Vishnu about the process of performing Adhik Maas puja and charities that need to be done during this time. Lord Vishnu narrated that he himself is the Lord of Adhik Maas. With the spiritual works, japam, homa during this month bring great results (Akshay phala). Almighty Vishnu further narrated that those who do not perform any good deeds or spiritual work on this whole month can perform the same at least on Krishna Paksha Ashtami, Navami, Chaturdashi, Dwadashi, Poornima.

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Another legend associated with Adhik Maas is as follows –

Earlier there lived a Brahmana by the name of Kaushika. He had a son named Maitreya. He was addicted to drink and kama. One day Maitreya went to forest and killed a Brahmana. He snatched the money and ran back to home. Since, he killed a Brahmana and was accused of Brahmana Hatya Dosha, the city itself got burnt and he was taken by Yamadoots and thrown in Krumee Kunda.

Maitreya remained in hell for 10000 years and after a long period, Kaushika came to know about the incident. He searched the ancient scriptures and found a remedy to wave off brahma hatya dosha. He performed the rituals and observed Adhik Maas fast and gave 33 apoop daana. This saved his son from hell.

In the end, Adhik Maas vrat performed with proper rituals can remove any sins committed by the individual.

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