Bagalamukhi Jayanti Maha Puja on 03 May 2017 Wednesday

Ma Bagalamukhi Jayanti Maha Puja on 03 May 2017 Wednesday

download (22)Maa Bagulamukhi is positioned at eighth number out of ten significant Mahavidyas. The meaning Bagulamukhi is one who has the face, which has the power to capture all. It was originally derive from Sanskrit word valga and mukha. She is the goddess of wealth and prosperity and dressed in yellow with a golden complexion. She is known as the Pitambar Devi or Brahmastra Roopini. She wass seated on the golden throne in the ocean of yellow lotuses. A crescent moon on her head adds in the beauty of her.

She has a supreme power, which could destroy the enemies and paralyses the evils and demons. She protects the world from all destructive actions.

Benefit of Ma Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja:

Sadhaks worship Maa Baglamukhi in their Tantra Sadhana of Das Mahavidya to get early results. Her worship protects the devotee from all adverse actions of supernatural power, problems through accidents and law and order. The sadhak is blessed by the prosperity, good health, all round protection and stability in life. The sadhaks bestowed by the astasiddhi by the blessing of Ma Baglamukhi. He thereafter becomes spiritually strong and get rid from all the problems and troubles in life, become successful and his all desires are fulfilled. He is able to make a good influence on others due to Maa Baglamukhi’s blessings.

Importance of Ma Baglamukhi Puja Homam :

This puja helps the sadhak in winning the court case, destroy all the hurdles and enemies of his life, remove the hard competition, and help him to achieve success in life. This sadhana leads you towards the path of self-knowledge. You conquer the four hurdles kaam, krodhs, lobha; moha coming in the path of moksha. The puja makes you more energetic and kills the negative energy inside you. Your thought become pure and leads you towards the desired goals of your life.

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