Benefits of Adhik Maas Vrat

Benefits of Adhik Maas Vrat

In the month of Adhik Maas there are several benefits associated with the fasting in this month. Few of those benefits are listed below –

Observing fast during this period is equivalent to performing a hundred homas and yagnas. The fasting leads to the path where people attain complete bliss, peace and delight.

The purpose of observing fast is to propitiate deities to fulfil the desires and to acquire divine grace. The people attain blessings to regain lost health and wealth along with healthy offspring. Lord Vishnu bless the individual with divine help and assistance during difficult time of life.

Individuals performing good deeds in this month conquer the senses and their miseries are eradicated and they come out totally from the cycle of rebirth.



Performing penance during the Adhik Maas in any form will increase the benefits of spiritual merit.

Graha Dosha nivaran puja or any other Dosh nivaran poja performed in purushootam maas to eradicate the malefic effects increases the possibilities of positive result by ten times.

During the entire month of Adhik Maas, reciting Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam, Shrimad Bhagwat puran, Shri Vishnu Puran, Bhavishyottar Puran are carried out by devotees. These acts of spirituality bring ample of religious merit and bring transformation for the better in individuals.

Selfless action without expectations of results are performed during Adhik Maas.

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Adhik Maas is the month to carry out Vishnu puja. Devotees must recite Bhagavat purana and sign as well as recite the praises of Lord Vishnu. Chanting Vishnu Sahastranaam and Vishnu Sukta are recommended.

Waking up during the Brahma Muhurta and after performing morning ablutions, devotees perform the Sodashopachara puja of the idols of Radha-Krishna or Lakshmi-Narayana.

Visit a nearby temple and perform puja to the deities in the temple. Pilgrimage undertaken during this time is considered to be fruitful.

The religious rituals performed during this period are capable of washing away all the sins of people, which they accumulated during their past and present life.

Take the maximum advantage from the Adhik Maas by performing religious activities. Follow the guidelines mentioned above and make your life peaceful and prosperous.

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