Do’s and Don’ts observed during Adhik Maas

Do’s and Don’ts observed during Adhik Maas

Adhik Maas consists of dancing, singing, hymns, rhymes, poetry, mantra-jaap, sholka, sacrifices, prayers, rituals, holy bath, going for pilgrimage, reciting Holy Scriptures, charity, donation and other humanitarian work to wash away all the sins. During the period of observing vrat, please keep the following things in mind –

On some specific days of the month either partial or complete fasting is recommended. Bhavishyottar Purana states that fasting once a day should commence on the first day of the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha) and end on the last of dark fortnight (Krishna Paksha).

The thoughts should be clean and same should be applied with physical cleaning.

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The person must speak truth and practice patience. Speaking less is also advised. One can look for the opportunities to perform the charity as per their capability.

It is important to avoid anger and being negative. Consuming non-vegetarian food should also be avoided.

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Devotees must consistently perform all the rituals which include Pooja, havan, vrat and paath.

Person can light a lamp/diya at dawn and dusk and keep it in a container with rose water. Light the lamp in all four directions and keep one in the middle of the house with red and yellow flowers.

Daily meditation at dawn and the dusk and puja comprising of Lord Ganesh, Ishtha Devta, One Nakshattara, Kul Devta and Pitra’s along with Gayatri Mantra, Nav Graha Shanti sholka and Maha Mrityunjay Mantra can be performed.

In the morning the devotees should recite Vishnu Sholka and in the dusk, they can recite Shiva and Durga Sholka. Hanuman Chalisa can also be recited in the evening.

As per the Bhavishyottar Purana, a person can observe fast daily and donate something on daily basis. If you cannot perform fast for 30 days, then you can take bath in the Brahma Muhurta and worship Lord Vishnu and observe fast on any day.

According to Hemadari, every day during Adhik Maas person should worship Lord Surya and give donations of grain, ghee and molasses. Reciting chapter 15 of Bhagvad Gita is also beneficial during this month.

Devotees also visit Govardhan, Mathura to take the circumambulation (Pradakshina) of Shri Giriraj Parvat.

As per the Indian Astrology, chanting Vishnu Sahastranaam and Sukta is also beneficial. There are also certain rituals associated with zodiac sign. Let us look at the dos and don’ts which natives of a particular zodiac must take care –

Natives of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – You should recite ‘Aditya Haridya Storta’ and perform Surya Namaskar by offering water to Lord Sun in morning.

Natives of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – You should take holy dip in the Ganga and worship Lord Varun.

Natives of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – You should recite Hanuman Chalisa and worship Lord Hanuman.

Natives of Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn – You should meditate and chant mantras sitting on an ‘Asana’ spread on earth.

All acts of worship, fasting, donating alms, pilgrimage and holy bath give more blessing and grace to the individual and eliminate the sins of previous birth. People worship Lord Vishnu to get free from the worldly desires and lead towards the light of thousand delights. Divine Vishnu illuminate the intellect and from the path of darkness led the people progressively with love and compassion to learn to love others and give love to others.

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