Hanuman Jayanti Puja 22 April 2016 Friday

Hanuman pooja

Lord Hanuman is the 11th incarnation of lord Shiva also known as avatar of Rudra. He took birth during the Treta yug to help lord Rama, incarnation of lord Vishnu to free Earth from the dreadful acts and tortures of Ravana.

Lord Hanuman took birth in the house of king Kesari   also known as vanar raj and mata Anjani.  Lord Pavan dev is also considered as his father. He had born on Tuesday, full moon day of chaitra month according to Hindu calendar. This day is celebrated as hanuman jayanti every year.  He is the god of good physical strength, marked intelligence, power, and confidence. He is also known as Saptachiranjeevi.

Importance of online puja:

In Hindu mythology, the worship of god and offering prayers to them is an important part of Indian people’s life. However, the lack of knowledge and busy schedules are not allowing them to do so. Online puja is the great advantages for these people as these help them in doing the puja with full rituals and systematic order. It helps in offering our prayers with full simplicity and purity.

Puja and its significance:

For the immediate recovery from any illness or physical problems Vedic anushthan is performed. Hanuman tantric puja is also known balarista yog or arogya pujan and helps in attaining the physical strength.

Benefits of Hanuman puja:

The puja and homa of Lord Hanuman helps in overcoming the problems coming in the path of success. It fills the worshiper with tremendous energy and confidence and he is able to perform the personal and social deeds with ease. It also guard against the evil eye casting.

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