What is the significance of the adhika masam?

What is the significance of the adhika masam?

The word Adhik itself refers to extra. The lunar calendar adds one extra month after every 3 years. Hindu calendar is based on the lunar movements. However, we also follow Gregorian calendar, which is based on the movement of Sun and is also known as solar calendar. Lunar calendar has 354 days whereas the solar calendar has 365 days. There is a religious significance of each month. Let us explore the significance of Adhik Maas.

Purshottam Maas

Adhik Maas was assigned the name Mal Maas by the sages. The word ‘Mal’ refers to dirty or inauspicious. As this month is an extra month that derives from the difference for lunar and solar calendar, it was considered inauspicious. No religious ceremonies or auspicious activities take place during this month. Being sad of such negligence, Mal maas went to Lord Vishnu to seek his help. Lord Vishnu had pity on him and assigned himself to this month. He also said that whoever would worship him during adhik maas would be especially blessed. Purushottam means a man who is imbibed with all best qualities. Vishnu’s incarnation Lord Rama is also known as Purushottam. Hence, this month is called the Purushottam Maas. Every month has a deity which ruled it. Lord Vishnu is the ruling deity of Purushottam Maas.

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Adhik Maas significance and rituals

Adhik Maas is considered to be very important and auspicious for religious activities. Hence, if you plan on doing charity, prayers, donation or any other religious activities, this month is ideal for you. This month is no good for auspicious activities like marriage or Graha Pravesh. There are certain things that are considered good to be donated this month.

You can donate white or rice to poor. It is also considered promising month to worship Lakshmi-Narayan.  You can gain immense luck and money by their sincere worship. People also observe fast during this month. It is good to follow vegetarian meals during Adhik Maas.

Devotees also need to sleep on the floor and get up early in the morning to worship Lord Purushottam in the Adhik Maas. There are also some special Hindu hymns, which are chanted in this month.

All the sins can be washed away if these rituals are followed in rightful manner and with utmost zeal as well as religious fervour.

Hence, Purushottam month is the one of the most auspicious month in Hindu calendar. Follow the rituals mentioned above and attain the blessings of divine lord to fulfil your desires.

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