When to perform Diwali Laxmi puja auspicious time in 2015?

When to perform Diwali Laxmi puja auspicious time in 2015?

Diwali is considered to be an auspicious time in which Laxmi puja is performed by many devotees in their households. The best time to perform this puja on this day is on the PradoshKaallagna of Karitik Krishna Paksha. This time is considered to be auspicious because on this time, Goddess Laxmi bestows Her blessings on Her true devotees and they can maintain and gain wealth.


This year, 2015, the auspicious occasion of Diwali is on 11th November, which is a Wednesday. The day falls on the Swati-vishakha Nakshatra. It is an especially auspicious time for those in the Libra Sign as the Moon and the Saubhagya Yoga will move into this sign on this occasion. On this day, there are various lagnas that are considered to be auspicious times and these lagnas are Pradosh kal, NishitKaal, MahaNishitKal and Chaughadia Muhurat.

  1. ProdoshKaalLagna:

This is the most auspicious period on this day of Diwali and in this year, the prodoshkaallagna will last from 17:28 to 20:10 as the Diwali puja muhurat 2015. The Chaughadia Muhurat or the fixed lagna coincide with the ProdoshKaal and it is the best time to perform this puja on this period.

It is on this time that the preparation of the puja is performed. Deepdan, rangoli and all other puja related preparations are performed. Distributing sweets amongst the friends and family is best to be done at this time. You must also consider writing ShubhLabh and drawing Swastika sign on the doors on this time. Take blessings from your elders in this time.

  1. NishitKaal:

This year, 2015, will have the NishitKaal from 20:10 to 22:52. During the Chaughadia of this kaal, the businessmen must perform the Laxmi puja. This time is best to perform the puja for Dhan Laxmi. Along with this, you must also perform the Maha Kali Pujan, Maha Lakshmi Pujan, chanting of mantraand KuberPujanare also considered to be good on this occasion.

  1. MahaNishitKaal:

In this year, the MahaNishitKaal will occur in 22:52 to 24:34. People belonging to Leo and Cancer sign, must consider this period to be the most auspicious time for performing this puja. This is the time in which it is considered to be the best to perform the puja according to the scriptures. So, if you want to perform the Diwali puja according to the scriptures, consider utilizing this time.

Usually in this time, people, who belong to the Tantrik community, perform this puja. So, if you want to acquire the knowledge of the Tantrik work, rituals and astrological knowledge, you must utilize this time. Once the puja is performed, you need to light a lamp with a wick and oil or ghee. It must be made assured that the wick is lit up all through the night and it does not go off. Otherwise, it can bring negative impacts to the worshipper and his or her household.

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