15 things you must have in Diwali shopping list 2017

15 things you must have in Diwali shopping list 2017

The festival of Pomp and Show, the festival of lights, the festival for shopping enthusiasts, the festival of exchanging gifts, the festival of imbibing the best mood throughout the year is here! Yes, you have guessed right, we are talking about Diwali. Apart from the religious and spiritual sentiments that are attached to this auspicious festival, it has come a long way. This festival has evolved over the years and has now become a symbol of pride in the society. Everyone is in a rush to give better gifts, to wear better clothes, to decorate his/her abode better then others, so on and so forth.

But when it comes to gifting items to our loved ones, we often get confused as to how should we select the perfect gifts. Hereby we have shortlisted a few ideas which can be of great help.

  1. The Gift Vouchers: Yes, you read it right, the gift vouchers. If we think practically in today’s scenario where everyone has a mind of his own, these vouchers can come very handy. The person can buy anything of his/her choice with these vouchers and the money spent is aptly utilized. Various brands have come up with their vouchers so you can select the vouchers of a brand that he/she uses and give them the vouchers of the same.


  1. Spiritual DVDs and CDs : The apt gift for the religious ones and for the elderly. With the amount of choice available in the market, one can choose and gift these.



  1. The Gift Hampers: A potpourri of chocolates, confectionery items, candles, dry fruits, fruits and other goodies, packed in beautiful cases, is on the the list too. The items that are packed in these kind of hampers are consumed by most of the family members and can suit one’s pocket. The prices of these gift hampers can vary significantly so you can settle lots of friends and other loved ones with the help of this option.


  1. Homemade Sweets and Cakes: You can go old school by going for this option that is preparation of home made sweets and cakes. This probably will be the most personalized option and can only be done for your limited closed ones as this would require lot of efforts from your side. So, if you are ready to touch the hearts of your closed ones by this beautiful gesture, then you should go for this option. Go on, take help from the homies present at your place and indulge in creating excellence.


  1. Accessories (Specially Sunglasses and Watches): Available in all possible forms, sizes, styles and prices in the market, these are suitable for gifting people of all age and forms. You can not go wrong with this gifting idea. Also instead of burning deep hole in your pockets you can check various online portals for competitive prices.


  1. Potted House Plants: Go Green, this festive season. Instead of polluting our already polluted environment by bursting crackers, go green and gift potted plants to your near and dear ones. You should be smart enough in selecting those plants that can be kept inside also, requires low maintenance and also will work at all temperatures. This money spent will be considered well spent and our future generation will also learn a thing or two.


  1. Solar Lawn Lights: Another option of spending money aptly and bringing a little more light to our environment is gifting these solar lawn lights. We can not only save energy, reduce electricity bills, but also help our loved ones at the time of power cut.


  1. Ethic Wear and Jwellery: Go on! Win the ladies Hearts this festive season by gifting them this option. One advice: Its better to take them along with you while choosing these gifts as you can save future headaches.


  1. Handmade Candles: If you are creative and have enough time at your hands, you can go for this option as well of creating candles by buying some wax and fragrance oils. Various moulds are also available in the market for your help.


  1. Statues of Gods and Goddesses: Last, but not the least you can buy figurines of various gods and goddesses from the market. They are available in good variety during this festive season.

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