2017 Best shubh muhurat for Laxmi Puja

2017 Best shubh muhurat for Laxmi Puja

Laxmi pooja is the main ceremony on the Diwali festival. It is important that the pooja is performed at the best time and place as per the Mahurat. The Mahurat for the Laxmi pooja are as follows:

On 19th octomber  2017

The Fixed or sthir Lagna for the Lakshmi Pooja is

  • Vrishchika Lagna Muhurat = 07:12 am to 09:30 am (in the morning, Duration = 2 Hours 17 Mins)
  • Kumbha Lagna Muhurat = 01:18 pm to 02:48 pm (at afternoon, Duration = 1 Hour 29 Mins)
  • Vrishabha Lagna Muhurat = 05:51 pm to 07:47 pm (evening, Duration = 1 Hour 56 Mins)

The Amavasya Tithi starts at 11:23 pm on 10/Nov/2015 and ends on the 11:16 pm on 11/Nov/2015.

Laxmi pooja 2017 Lagna Muhurat

Most of the astrologers and pandits consider the Pradosh time that is time after the sunset as the best for worshipping the goddess Laxmi. To find out the best time for the pooja of goddess Laxmi, according to Lagna is considered. As per the Vedic astrology, there are mainly twelve Lagna in a day which is further categorized into the movable, fixed and common. The laxmi pooja should be performed in the fixed lagna timings. There are mainly 4 lagnas that comes in the fixed lagnas. These are as follows:

  • Vrishchika Lagna
  • Kumbha Lagna
  • Vrishabha Lagna
  • Simha Lagna

It is considered that Goddess Lakshmi is keep moving and doesn’t stay at a place. But, only in the fixed lagna mahurat, the almighty goddess Laxmi stays at a place and only in that mahurat the worship should be done.
As per a old story, it is considered that the Goddess Lakshmi will come from the milky ocean on Dhantrayodashi and chose the goddess Vishnu as her husband on Diwali. That’s why Diwali is considered as the most appropriate day to appease the almighty Goddess Laxmi.

On Amavasya that is the day on which diwali festival is celebrated, Vrishchika Lagna is in the morning, Vrishabha Lagna is during the evening, Kumbha Lagna is considered during the afternoon and the last but not the least Simha Lagna is during the midnight. Among all the Vrishabha Lagna is best considered for the laxmi pooja as it also overlaps the Pradosh that is after the sunset. If due to any of the unavoidable circumstances or reason, if Lakshmi Puja can’t get performed in the pardosh mahurat than one can do it in any of the fixed Lagna Mahurat.
A person can choose any of the fixed lagan mahurat as according to his or her preferences and choose a suitable time for the laxmi pooja. Worshipping Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of money and prosperity will bring happiness and joy in the life of the devotees. Thus every individual, mainly from the Hindu community worship goddess Laxmi to get fruitful blessings from her. It is best to worship the goddess in the Vrishabha Lagna Muhurat on this year Diwali festival.

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