2017 Lagna Muhurat for Lakshmi Puja

2017 Lagna Muhurat for Lakshmi Puja

On 19th oct 2017, Diwali festival is celebrated in India. During the festival, Laxmi pooja is the main event that must be done by all the individuals that are celebrating the festival of Diwali. Here are the best timings or mahurats for the diwali festival of the year 2015. The mahurats are as follows:

Pradosh Kaal Muhurat

  • Laxmi Poojan Muhurta =19:19 pm to 20:18 pm
  • Pradoosh Kaal Mahurat = 17:47 pm to 20:18 pm
  • Vrishabha Kaal Mahurat = 19:19 pm to 20:19 pm

Mahanishita Kaal Muhurat

  • Mahanishita Kaal Mahurat = 23:40 pm to 24:20 am
  • Simha Kaal Mahurat = 25:47 am to 27:30 am

Choghadiya Mahurat for Laxmi pooja

  • Morning Muhurta ( Amrit, Labh) = 06:47 am – 07:29 am
  • Morning Muhurta (Shubh) = 10:50 am – 14:50 pm
  • Afternoon Muhurta (Char, Labh) = 02:52 pm – 05:34 pm
  • Evening Muhurta (Amrit, Char, Shubh) = 16:26 pm – 20:55 pm

Amavasya tithi starts at 00:20 am on 19/oct/2017 to 00:35 pm on the 20/10/2017.

Deepawali is an auspicious festival that is celebrated by all the individuals in India with great joy and enthusiasm. It is s five day festival but on Laxmi poojan that is the third day is considered as the main one. On this day, people used get up early in the morning and take bath quickly. After the shower, they give tribute to the goddess and to all their family’s elder age group people. For the festival people started to clean their houses, offices and homes for the welcome of the goddess Laxmi and decorate their houses with the leaves of mango, banana and ashoka tree.

For the Laxmi pooja, Pradosh kaal Muhurat is best suitable and that mahurat also comes in the evening. People also used to do the Laxmi pooja in the Mahanishita Kaal Mahurat but that was considered as a good maghurat’s only for the tantarikas and pandits. For common people, the Mahurat of Pradosh Kaal is considered as the best. It is good to avoid the Choghadiya Muhurat for the Laxmi pooja as that was only considered good for the travelling purposes.

If the pradosh kaal mahurat is missed by the people than it’s better to perform the Laxmi pooja in any of the sthir Lagna mahurat which is also called as the fixed lagna mahurat. In this mahurat, goddess laxmi is considered as reside at one place. There are 4 different mahurats in the sthir lagna and in that too the Vrishabha Lagna Mahurat is considered as the best for the laxmi poojan. This mahurat is in the evening time and best suitable for the middle class, lower class, rural folks, family, married, farmers, salaried people and engaged businessmen who work for long on a day. May this Diwali brings prosperity and happiness in this

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