Astrology based Gift ideas for your lady love on Valentine’s Day 2017 as per her zodiac sign

Are you looking for gifts for her? Astrology can help you to find it asp for Valentine day 14 February 2017.

Your lady love maybe looking forward to her surprise and so you should have a good line of proper ideas to impress her. How will it be if you get her something according to her Sun sign?. Some gift ideas for her as per her sun sign are mentioned below.


The best friends of Aries woman are show off and diamonds. A diamond or a precious stone is a perfect gift for this lady as it resembles the sparkle in her personality. Propose her with a diamond engagement ring. You may also opt for some personalized gift or jewellery with both of your names engraved.


It is very difficult to please a Taurus woman. So instead of trying out something materialistic opt for cleaning the house for her or plan for a dinner to a cozy restaurant where she can relax.


The Gemini girl is a great traveler who loves to explore new things. So planning a weekend getaway will be a fantastic surprise for her. If you want to gift her something personal, write her a letter or make her a card.

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You need to keep assuring a Cancer woman with tiny gifts, which will move her deeply. You can do wonders by giving a handwritten note confessing how much you love her. Make her feel special by taking her out to her favorite restaurant or by giving roses.


The Leo woman is pleased with simple things. And getting the simplest things properly is not an easy task. A simple bouquet of flowers, preferably daisies or a bunch of colorful balloons which say ‘I love you’ can get you lot of love to the end of the world. You can also make it more special by giving a gemstone jewelry but with a handwritten note on it.


If you are already sure that the Virgo woman is the one for you, an engagement ring is the perfect gift. As she is picky, make it more exciting and show her how much effort you have put in to please her. Plan a special picnic or take her hiking to a secluded romantic hill-top.


Libra woman will collect all the little gifts that you may have given her in the past, and go over them secretly to feel loved all over again. So gift her lovely photo-frame of you expressing your love. Plan a simple and romantic candle-light dinner for her and buy her flowers.


For a Scorpio woman, take her on a long drive, camping or just a walk among nature where you both can enjoy the silence under the stars. She actually needs your attention.


A Sagittarius woman will enjoy the simple things that you do for her rather than giving some expensive gift. Cook her meal and decorate the table with candles and some wine.


The Capricorn woman likes to do something for everyone and especially for you. So plan properly if you want to make her feel special. Give her a massage or simply book a spa. You can take her to a concert.


You can write a card to an Aquarius woman or make one for her but write only what is true.


This woman prefers romantic things only, so you can take her out for any movie or bake her cake etc. Gift her booking at the spa or a puppy, if she love pets. Do something that is dreamy.

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Apr, 05 2016 11:10 pm