Celebrating the Amavasya and the Diwali Pujan for the year 2017

Celebrating the Amavasya and the Diwali Pujan for the year 2017

Pujan and poojas are done by everyone in India. The pujans are done basically to reach out to gods and goddesses.

In Hindu religion, there are many Gods and Goddesses, and every single and individual god and goddesses have a day or a period for themselves. This is very significant, and thus these days are celebrated as a festival time by all the people of India.

As per Hindu traditions, these periods and days are observed in a very auspicious fashion by everyone who is involved. And, since there are many festivals which occur every year, we must know about most of them. Today, here, we are going to talk about two very important pujans, the Diwali and Amayasya Pujan.

These two pujans are very important as per the Hindu traditions, and that is why we must know about it. These two pujans, are also going to be celebrated this year in 2017; and that’s why we will decode all the facts about it. So here we go;

The Amavasya Puja for the year 2017

When there is a new moon lunar day as per the Hindu calendar, that certain day is known as the Amavasya day. These types of days are considered very significant and auspicious as various pujans and rituals are done and observed during the day. For example on this day, the pujan of Amayasya Tithi is done and performed by everyone.

The day when Amavasya falls is also considered pretty important; as they are distinguish as per the week of the day. Any Amavasya which occurs or falls on a Monday is also called as the Somavati Amavasya. Apart from this, any Amavasya that falls over any Saturday is called as the Shani Amavasya.

Basically, all Amavasya days are also considered as good days to do and perform any Shradha or ritual. These Shradha are done so that our long gone ancestors can receive peace and some Shanti. Also, the amavasya day is also good to do Kalasarpa Dosha pujan. This year, in 2017, as per Amavasya Pooja 2017, the pujan can be held 13 times this year, right from January to December.

The Diwali pujan for the year 2017:

Diwali, or also known as the festival of Deepawali, is arguably called the most famous and auspicious pujan for the Hindus and its followers. Diwali is observed during 5 days, and it begins when Dhanteras starts and it finishes after the end of Bhaiya Dhooj. This is general in sense, however in some places and States of India, the festival is celebrated in different configuration as per dates.

During the festival of Diwali, Goddess Laxmi, or also known as Lakshmi, is worshiped. She is known as the main goddess of the festival.   For this year, or for the Diwali Pooja 2017, the festival will be celebrated all over India during the last week of October and first week of November. The occasion will once again be celebrated by everyone.

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