Diwali in North India 2017

Diwali in North India 2017

Diwali festival is mainly a Hindu festival that has rooted with strong mythical beliefs,legends and deep human values. It signifies and conveys the message of good always conquers over the evil. The festival is celebrated with grandeur, festivity, and gaiety irrespective of the community, caste and creed of any individual. In the North India, there is a big craze of Diwali festival among people. From many months before, people started to do preparations for the upcoming Diwali festival.

Diwali is mainly celebrated at the ‘new moon day’ of Kartik month that declines in the month of October and November. As according to the Hindu calendar, ‘Krishna Chaturdashi’ is the day on which the Diwali festival is celebrated. For this day, people buy new clothes and things to decorate their houses. One can easily find illuminations on the public places on this day. The homes are decorated with the candles, earthen ‘diyas’ and decorative lights. Both men and women perform the rituals and offer Prasad to the God and Goddesses.

In the North India, on the day of Diwali festival, people used to wake up early in the morning. After taking bath, the younger age group people in the family wish and take blessings from the older age group people of their family. The older age group people offer sweets and money as blessing to the younger ones of their family. In the northern part of India, at evening after the Laxmi pooja people start to burn crackers and sparkles with their family members to enjoy the happiness. Nowadays, people hold the festival by organizing parties at their home and they invite all their family members and friends in the party.

Laxmi poojan is the main event in the Diwali festival. On this day, goddess Laxmi is worshipped by the people of all class. This is done to get the blessings of the goddess Laxmi and achieve happiness and prosperity in life. There is likewise a historical significance of the Diwali festival. On this day lord Ram return back to their kingdom of Ayodhya, after defeating Ravana, an evil king. That’s why every year before Diwali festival; Dusshera is celebrated in which the idols of Ravana is burnt in the major grounds of the city in north India.

In the region of northern India, Diwali festival is considered as one of the most auspicious and prominent festival. The rituals of the north Indian people are entirely different from the other people of the country. The Indians living in the country India or in abroad, both celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm and with complete rituals. People of northern India also play games on the Diwali night. The games consist are chosar, rummy and other games with cards. The food that cooks in the homes of North India is rice and dal of moong. People used to take the mixture of plain rice, Moong ki daal, ghee and sugar. This is reckoned as the best food for the Diwali night. Customs and rituals in India change from place to place and every ritual is best at its place.

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