Dussehra 2017 Dusshehra festival, Dussehra puja in India

Dussehra 2017 Dusshehra festival, Dussehra puja in India

India, the abode of numerous festivals is the place where festivities cease to end. The prominent festival that we are talking about today is Dussehra also known as Vijaydashmi. This year in 2017 that is, Navratri Sthapna is on 21st of sep and ending with Vijaydashmi celebration on 30 sep. There are lots of stories prevalent in mythology regarding Dussehra celebration out of which the two most significant ones are mentioned below.

The first one says that on this day Lord Rama killed the wicked ten headed Demon king Ravana. According to the famous hindu religious book ‘Ramayana’ demon king Ravana captured Lord Rama’s wife from a forest in order to win her love. Lord Rama then with the help of Laxman, lord Hanuman and Monkey Army fought for days in the kingdom of Ravana made of gold called, ‘Sone ki Lanka’. The war began on the first day of Navratri Sthapna and ended on the last day when Lord Rama beheaded the ten heads of Ravana marking the victory of good over evil. He then took his wife Sita, brother Laxman and Hanuman back to his kingdom Ayodhya. He reached his home after 20 days and people lit lots of ‘diyas’ to mark their true king’s homecoming event. That is the reason we celebrate Diwali till date.

The second most prominent story of Dusshehra celebration is the beheading of demon ‘Mahishasur’ by goddess durga thereby saving her devotees from his torturous ways.The goddess bravely fought against him for nine days and on the tenth day killed him. The first nine days are celebrated as Maha Navratri and culminates on the tenth days of ‘Vijaydashmi’ meaning victory of good over evil.

There are various other famous short stories prevalent in the country. One being that on the Ashtami day Lord Rama also prayed to Goddess Durga for power so that he can kill demon king Ravana.The other being on this day of dusshehra in the era of Mahabharata, All the Pandavas returned back to their kingdom from exile. The ninth day Ram Navami marks the birth of Lord Rama and is thus celebrated.

In India and Nepal, this season marks the beginning of harvest season and thus devotees pray religiously in the various shrines and do good deeds in the society to celebrate this festival. Dusshehra is celebrated with great zeal by everyone. During this time, Ramlila plays are organized at various places educating people about the epic Ramayana and its various teachings. In today’s world also the basic fundament of Ramayana hold value which says that no matter how powerful the evil force is present, if you have good thinking and your soul is pure, no matter what you will only win against your enemy.

Dussehra is celebrated differently in different regions. Like in West Bengal, huge pandals are set up, ladies dress up traditionally and pay there respect to the goddess every day. On the tenth day the idols of Goddess are taken to be submerged in water. In kullu region of himachal Pradesh, Dusshehra festival is celebrated for seven days with great vigour and zeal.

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