Dussehra pooja 2017

Dussehra pooja

On 30th September 2017 will be celebrating the dusshera. This day is also known as vijayadashmi. Different places have different names of this festival.

What Is Dussehra?

It is popular Hindu festival which is celebrated on the victory of good over the evil. It is manly celebrated on the tenth day of the lunar month of Ashvin month. After the 9 sacred days of navaratri. Also known as vijaydashami, it means the Vijay or victory on the tenth day.

As being puja of the lord Rama was celebrated on the tenth day the head of the Ravana was beheaded and the evil was destroyed. Dasa-hara that is ten heads of Ravana was beheaded.

Legends of Dussehra

The mythological story behind the Dussehra is very interesting which is being celebrated

Dussehra And Ramayana

As Sita was being taken away by Ravana, so Rama wanted to save Sita, his wife while they are on the exile from the Ayodha. But while on the jungle, one of the sisters of Ravana, suparnakha fell in love with Rama and wanted to marry Rama. But laxman, Rama’s brother got angry in hearing this and cut off her nose. This was a insult to Suparnakha and Ravana too. So in order to take revenge, Ravana stole Sita, wife of Rama

And to get the victory, Lord Rama worshipped the Devi Durga in the month of ashvin in order to get the blessing of the Devi. And Ravana was the symbol of the evil which has been destroyed. So he celebrated the puja and on the tenth lunar day of the month, Lord Rama was successful in beheading the ten heads of the Ravana.

Durga puja is originally celebrated in the month of spring but this unconventional timing got popular and is known as akhal bodhon. In Akhal bodhon, the goddess was wakening up from her sleeping times. And after getting the blessing a fierce battle was being taken place which we have read in the Ramayana stories. And on the blessing of the goddess the war was being ended with the victory of the good over the evil one. And that is the celebrated as the dusshera.

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Ravana was having 10 heads and that also signifies different forms of human vices. They are being compared with different things like

The belongings are compared to Ravana’s ten heads and they are:

  • Kama Vasana (Lust)
  • Lobha (Greed)
  • Moh (Attachment)
  • Mada (Pride)
  • Krodh (Anger)
  • Swartha (Selfishness)
  • Matsara (Jealousy)
  • Anyaya (Injustice)
  • Ahankara (Ego)
  • Amanavta (Cruelty)

Dussehra & Goddess Durga

Another story is also there with the dussera celebration. Mahishsura was the worshipper of lord shiva and getting blessings from the Lord he started killing innocent people.

And in order to stop the killing activities of the evil the trinity that is Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma created the woman warrior that is Goddess Durga to end up mahishsura. And Devi Durga started her battle with the Mahishsura who firstly neglected her as power. But slowly it was seen that she was much powerful than any male warrior.

Dussehra & Mahabharata

Some also related the dussera with the Mahabharata war. The epic Mahabharata has experienced a long day way between the pandavas and kauravas. The main game started while the pandavas lost a gambling game with kauravas and were exiled from the kingdom for 13 days. And there was an agreement that the 12 years of the 13 years they have to live in the forest and the last year they have to conceal their true status in front of all.

And to fulfil the second condition the hide all their weapons under shami tree. On the last year they worship the shami tree to get their weapons. And this day on which the worship is being done is known as dussera.

But besides these mythological stories there are lots of fun and festive mood of the dussera

How Is Dussehra Celebrated?

In the north india, the dussera act is being enacted. The theatre group act as ne of the ravana with ten heads and other as the Lord Rama. On the end of the day that is on the evening the ten heads is being burnt with crackers and thus symbolize the end of evil. The legendary story of Ramayana and that of lord Rama is being enacted.

Dasara is popular in south India. Everybody decorate their house with flowers and lights decorating lamps and dolls. They are being celebrated in royal and traditional manner with the processions of elephants. And this processions is being taken to devi Chamundeswari.

In east india, durga puja is being celebrated. And on the final day of the durga puja which is also known as dashami. On dashami, the devi durga is being immersed to ganga and it is having a great emotional attachment to the Bengal people.

Overall dusshera is the main celebration of the victory of the good over the social evil and corruptions. So enjoy the dusshera and have the good in you.

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