Get knowledge about the PRADOSHA VRATHAM and the RISHI PANCHAMI PUJA

Get knowledge about the PRADOSHA VRATHAM and the RISHI PANCHAMI PUJA

Festivities are common in India, and the PRADOSHA VRATHAM and the RISHI PANCHAMI PUJA are the 2 pujas that people are eagerly waiting for in the 2017.

Pradosha Puja:

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this auspicious day falls on the thirteenth day of every lunar fortnight in the traditional Hindu calendar.

Strict fast is observed from sunrise to sunset and pujas are organized throughout the entire twilight period. Known as Pradosham in South India, the PradoshaVrat day might differ from one city to the other even within the same Indian state. This is because it depends on the time of sunset and is observed only as long as the TrayodashiTithi prevails after the setting of the sun. Consequently, it is observed a day before the TrayodashiTithi that is the DwadeshiTithi. It is celebrated on both the Shukla Paksha and the Krishna PakshaTrayodashiTithis in the lunar month, sometimes with a little variation in the rituals. Depending on whether it is noted on a Monday or a Tuesday or a Saturday, it is called Soma Pradosham, BhaumaPradosham or ShaniPradosham respectively.

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PRADOSHA VRATHAM PUJA 2017 Dates are as follows;

Krishna PakshaPradosham

Shukla PakshaPradosham

For PradoshamVrat, day is fixed when TrayodashiTithi falls during PradoshKaal which starts after Sunset. The time window after Sunset when TrayodashiTithi and Pradosh time overlaps is auspicious for Shiva Puja.


Two days after the HartalikaTeej, and a day after Ganesh Chaturthi, the Bhadrapada Shukla Panchami is also known as Rishi Panchami. It occurs on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha of the Hindu month of Bhadra,usually August or September on the English calendar. In the coming year, it will be on the 6thof September, Tuesday. That is the date for the RISHI PANCHAMI PUJA 2017

Shubh Puja Mahurat- 11:04am to 01:30pm (2 hours and 29 minutes)

Beginning of PanchamiTithi-23:29pm on 25th August Saterday.

End of PanchamiTithi- 21:25pm on 26th August Saterday.

Rishi Panchami is not really a festival but just a day of fasting observed traditionally by (married) women to pay their homage to the “Sapta Rishis” (seven sages)- Gauthama, Kashyapa, Baradhvaja, Jamadagni, Atri,Vashistha and Vishvamitra. It is more commonly celebrated by the Hindu communities of Nepal and Northern regions of India. In some parts of the country, this day marks the end of the three day HartalikaTeej and is also known as RushiPanchami. In Kerala, this day is celebrated as Vishwakarma Puja.

This fast of obeisance follows a couple of the usual puja rituals. The women keeping a strict fast on Rishi Panchamiuse 108 pieces of Upmarg, a medicinal plant, to brush their teeth before bathing themselves with clean soil in the holy waters 108 times. Only then they worship the Lord Ganesha, Arundhati, Navagraha and the Sapta Rishis. After this puja they wash their husbands’ feet before accepting the “Prasad” and thereby breaking their fast.

There is also a practice of consuming a drop or two of Pachagabya during this puja. Panchagabya, made by mixing milk, curd, cow excreta, kush and dubbo in a copper container, is said to cure tuberculosis and infectious skin diseases.

This puja is believed to purge the women of all sins and frailties and shower upon their near and dear ones the blessings of a long and prosperous life. According to folk lore, the Rishi Panchami fast is upheld as a fete of penance for the sins women commit during their menstrual period. Failing to observe this sacred fast is feared to bring upon great misfortune on the family members of the women.

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