Lakshmi Puja

Lakshmi Puja 

19th Oct 2017

In Hindu religion, the third day of diwali offer Lakshmi Puja by praying sung on the Amavasya. During the Tihar festival it is often sung in country Nepal. Adherents show respect to the Maa Lakshmi by placing the candles or small oil lamps inside and outside on their homes. They also pray for well-being and prosperity for their businesses and families.

As per the legend, Maa Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity, wealth and also Vishnu‘s wife, People also need to visits her devotees, offer gifts and blessings upon all of them. To welcome the Maa Laxmi, devotees need to clean their houses, also decorate them with lights and finery and also prepare delicacies sweet treats as offerings. People believe that happier Maa Lakshmi is with their visit, and the more she blesses their family with wealth and health.

Importance of the most auspicious festival Diwali

Every day of Diwali represents the take-over of the best over evil. The auspicious word Diwali is made of two words; deep (diyas or lamp) and avali (row), which means that the line or a row of lamps.  During the Diwali festival lamps or diyas are lit in every workplace and home. That the reason that this festival is also popular as the ‘Festival of Lights’.

 How to celebrate auspicious festival Diwali in a religiously correct way?

  1. People go shop for purchasing new clothes and also can buy new clothes like kurtā-pyjāmā, dhoti for men or sārī for ladies and kurta-pyjamafor boys and long skirts for girls. Wearing such sāttvik clothes assist to imbibe more exciting positivity.
  2. On this special day giving gifts to families and friends is a new trend, which is also unnecessary. However, if people still wish to gift then they can also choose gifts like items used for religion and ritualistic worship books on Spirituality, etc. When people indulge in such type of practices then there are expectations from each other.
  3. People offer rather than ordering the commercially, if possible they can also try to make snacks, sweets or food at their home, using fresh products and pure ghee. Thus they can also ensure the purity in their food that they can consume.
  4. If people like to wish have a get-together then they can organize a special worship rather than a party.
  5. On the starting day of Diwali people start to do Narak Chaturdashi that they can wake up at the dawn and also have a bath with oil massage like (abhyangasnā). This type of bath increases the Sattvacomponent by increasing the 0.00001% compared to taking regular bath on other days. By applying ubtan the sensitivity of the body to absorb like Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) increases.
  6. Music like shloka andbhajans can also be played rather than playing the noisy music which can spreads the Raja-Tama vibrations and pollutes in the whole atmosphere.
  7. Use the flowers like marigold can also be used to make a garland with hung at the main door and mango leaves.
  8. Sattvikrangoli designs can also be drawn outside the door. Drawing the rangoli designs like swāstik, conch and lotus etc and also help to attract positive vibrations.
  9. If people wish to celebrate the auspicious festival Diwalias a community then they can organise a bhajan singing and rangoli competition etc. rather than playing games like food stalls, jewellery stalls and lotto etc.
  10. During the days of Diwali, People can devote their time to make prayers and also do chanting as it will helpful to absorb the Divine of Consciousness (Chaitanya) present in the whole atmosphere.
  11. The ladies in the house should perform aukshan(waving of all lit lamps) for the other member in the family.

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